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Announcing Our Vice President of the Year for 2023 – Jamie Heymann

We are thrilled to announce Jamie Heymann as our Vice President of the Year for 2023. Jamie has been an integral part of our team, showcasing exceptional leadership and unrivaled dedication to our company’s growth and success. Her accomplishments over the past year have not only surpassed expectations but have set new benchmarks for what’s possible within our organization.

Exceptional Achievement in Annual Goals

Jamie’s team, Team Northwest, has demonstrated remarkable performance under her guidance:

  • Surpassed the OPTIMA™/Text goal by achieving 121.9%
  • Exceeded the GSV goal with an impressive 135.1%
  • Achieved 116.4% of the Total Sales Goal
  • Attained 111% of the OPTIMA™/Text Goal
  • Reached 126% of the GSV Goal
  • Accomplished 109% of the Total Sales Goal
  • Surpassed the Sprint Goal by achieving 112%
  • Generated $2,840,066 in GSV Sales
  • Achieved $3,546,568 in OPTIMA™/Text Sales
  • Brought in 4,522 New Customers

These extraordinary achievements highlight Jamie’s ability to drive her team towards exceeding their targets and pushing the boundaries of excellence.

A Legacy of Leadership and Growth

Jamie Heymann’s journey with our company is a testament to her growth and leadership qualities. From her early days, pioneering our expansion in Iowa, to leading a struggling market in Tennessee to become a digital leader, Jamie has shown an unwavering commitment to success. Her historic achievement of the first $100,000 OPTIMA™ sales month set a high standard across the company. Her role as the first Corporate Digital Training Manager opened the doorway for a new career path for master trainers at AMP.

Returning to the Midwest in 2019, Jamie continued her trajectory of success, playing a pivotal role in the digital market’s growth and significantly contributing to the West Region’s impressive performance. Her leadership in Iowa and influence across the West Region were instrumental in achieving remarkable growth rates in Text, GSV, and OPTIMA™ sales.

More Than Just Numbers

What truly sets Jamie apart is her personal approach to leadership. Known for her humility, humor, and huge heart, Jamie embodies the spirit of our company. Her competitive nature, exemplified by her refusal to let her kids win at Mario Kart, shows her dedication to excellence in all facets of life. Jamie’s ability to mentor, inspire, and lead by example has left an indelible mark on our company culture.

A Well-Deserved Recognition

Thank you, Jamie, for everything you do. You truly embody the spirit of our company, and this recognition is a testament to your exceptional leadership and positive impact you have made on our team and the broader organization. Here’s to many more years of success and achievements together!

Congratulations to Jamie Heymann on being named Vice President of the Year for 2023!

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