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Celebrating Excellence: Announcing Our District Manager of the Year – Inside Sales, Megan Goettsche

It is with immense pride and pleasure that we recognize the exceptional achievements of Megan Goettsche, the District Manager of the Year – Inside Sales. Megan’s outstanding performance throughout 2023 has not only set a new benchmark for excellence within our sales division but has also significantly contributed to the growth and success of AMP.

Astounding Achievements in 2023

Megan’s contributions over the past year have been nothing short of remarkable. She has demonstrated an exceptional ability to secure and grow long-term client relationships, ensuring sustainable revenue growth. Her team’s efforts in OPTIMA™ Sales brought in an impressive $4,798,256, showcasing her ability to lead by example and foster a team of reps with deep understanding of our customers’ needs. Additionally, Megan’s team led in Account Renewal rate for 2023.

Furthermore, Megan has excelled in driving her team to develop new customer relationships and products, with $913,463 in NDR and a staggering count of 1,257 NDR Accounts. Her ability to engage and convert new clients is a testament to her expertise and dedication to the process. In addition, Megan has made significant strides in our CloseBy® Text and AMP Video™ sales, bringing in $26,900 and $34,225, respectively, further diversifying our sales portfolio and leading our push into new markets.

A Journey of Growth and Leadership

Megan’s journey with AMP began in January 2018 as a Digital Development Specialist. Her early success, marked by her sale of four new OPTIMA™ customers in her first month, set the tone for her meteoric rise through the ranks. From Account Manager to Senior Account Manager, and then advancing to Schaumburg Classroom Trainer, Megan has consistently demonstrated her sales prowess and leadership capabilities.

Her role as an Assistant District Sales Manager saw the development of top-performing rookies and the establishment of her team as leaders in cross-selling and new product initiatives. Megan’s dedication to personal and professional growth, paired with her natural ability to inspire and lead, has been evident throughout her tenure at AMP.

Beyond Sales: A Source of Inspiration

Megan’s influence extends beyond sales figures and performance metrics. Her commitment to self-development and her ability to inspire others to pursue their growth speak volumes about her character and leadership style. Her background as a preschool teacher and her transition into sales highlight her courage to embrace change and her relentless pursuit of new challenges.

Outside of work, Megan’s passion for travel, yoga, hiking, and self-improvement reflects her holistic approach to life. Her recent leadership development endeavors and her involvement in community activities underscore her belief in continuous growth and the importance of giving back.

Looking Ahead

In her role as Inside Sales District Manager, Megan is poised to continue leading and developing her team to new heights. Working alongside Raegan Fingerman and Taylor Vanscoyoc, she is instrumental in driving our Digital Inside Sales Division forward, contributing to AMP’s rapid digital growth.

Megan’s hard work, dedication, and leadership have not only earned her this honor but have also inspired all of us at AMP to strive for excellence in everything we do. Congratulations, Megan! Here’s to your continued success and the impact you will undoubtedly bring to your team and our company in the years to come.

Please join us in congratulating Megan Goettsche on her well-deserved recognition as the 2023 District Manager of the Year – Inside Sales!

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