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Celebrating Excellence: Austin Oppenheimer Named Digital Rep of the Year 2023

It is with immense pride and admiration that we announce Austin Oppenheimer as our 2023 Digital Representative of the Year. Austin’s journey with AMP has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by consistent growth, unwavering dedication, and remarkable achievements that have set new benchmarks within our company.

In 2023, Austin demonstrated unparalleled performance, showcasing his exceptional skills and commitment to excellence. His impressive sales numbers speak volumes about his expertise and dedication:

Monthly Averages:

  • $25,731 in Total Sales
  • $15,868 from OPTIMA™/Text services
  • $9,718 in GSV Sales
  • 10.7 New Accounts
  • 59.6% in DCP

Annual Totals:

  • $160,678 from OPTIMA™
  • $100,995 in GSV Sales
  • $20,095 from CloseBy®
  • 128 New Accounts
  • $283,908 in Total Sales
  • 61.8% DCP

Austin’s journey with AMP began in June 2020, a challenging time marked by the pandemic’s peak. Yet, from the outset, Austin demonstrated resilience and adaptability, quickly rising through the ranks due to his exceptional talent and work ethic. His early accomplishments set the stage for what was to become a path of unprecedented success.

From his promotion to Digital District Manager for the Olympia, Washington market in 2021, to his 2022 return to Iowa’s Northwest team, overcoming personal and professional challenges with grace and determination, Austin has been an inspiration to us all. His story is one of continuous growth, marked by significant milestones including his marriage to Emma, the move to Washington, and the joyous arrival of his son, Jack, who will soon be joined by a baby sister.

Austin’s approach to his role is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to our clients’ success. His ability to understand and meet their needs, combined with his innovative strategies and tireless work ethic, has not only contributed to his personal success but has also elevated our entire team.

As we celebrate Austin’s achievements, we also recognize the hard work and dedication of all our digital representatives. Austin’s journey exemplifies what is possible when talent meets opportunity. Here’s to another year of excellence and to the continued success of our remarkable team!

Please join us in congratulating Digital Rep of the Year for 2023, Austin Oppenheimer, on this well-deserved accolade!

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