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Celebrating Our Inside Sales Rep of the Year 2023 – Stephanie Brady

It is with immense pride and joy that we announce Stephanie Brady as the Inside Sales Rep of the Year for 2023. Stephanie’s exceptional performance, unwavering dedication, and continuous growth have set a new standard within our sales team, and her achievements this past year have been nothing short of remarkable.

Stephanie’s 2023 sales statistics are a testament to her hard work and dedication:

  • Monthly sales averaging $71,500
  • A first-year renewal rate of 62.30%
  • A second-year renewal rate of 78.62%
  • An impressive RRR% of 101.41%
  • A notable 16.7% NDR increase, with an annual total of $11,226 NDR
  • An astonishing $851,031 OPTIMA™/Text annual total
  • A total of 230 NDR accounts for the year

Since joining AMP in March of 2020, Stephanie has exemplified what it means to be a leader in sales. Starting her career as an Associate Account Manager, she quickly rose through the ranks due to her ability to connect with new prospects and lead by example. Despite the challenges posed by the mandatory lockdown, Stephanie adapted seamlessly to remote work, using tools like Zoom to not only maintain but enhance her performance, leading her to be named AMP Rookie of the Year in 2020.

Stephanie’s journey from an Account Manager to a Senior Account Manager and eventually to a DIS Classroom Trainer showcases her relentless pursuit of excellence and growth. Her record-breaking achievements, including becoming the first DIS representative to close a $100,000 month, have been inspiring to us all.

Beyond her professional achievements, Stephanie’s journey is one of personal growth and dedication. Before joining AMP, she was an Operations Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, where she honed her skills in training and team leadership. Her transition to AMP was driven by a desire for a more balanced life, and she has since proven that change leads to incredible outcomes.

In addition to her professional success, Stephanie is a person of great character and passion. Her love for our company’s mission and goals shines through in everything she does, influencing new hires and seasoned colleagues alike. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family and her mini labradoodle, exploring new restaurants, traveling, and indulging in her love of reading.

Stephanie’s success is not just in her sales numbers but in the positive impact she has had on our team and the culture of our company. Her journey from a dedicated Operations Manager to an inspiring sales leader exemplifies the power of resilience, hard work, and a positive attitude.

Stephanie’s story is a shining example for all of us at AMP, demonstrating that with the right attitude, dedication, and support, incredible achievements are within reach. We are incredibly proud to have her as part of our team and look forward to her continued success and leadership. Let’s celebrate Stephanie’s accomplishments and let them inspire us to set and achieve our own ambitious goals.

Please join us in congratulating Stephanie Brady on her well-deserved title of Inside Sales Rep of the Year 2023!

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