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Celebrating 2023 Director of the Year – Nikki Bowman

In the realm of business, particularly in the competitive environment of sales and recruitment, it takes a unique blend of passion, skill, and dedication to truly stand out. This year, it is with immense pride and admiration that we celebrate Nikki Bowman as the Director of the Year for 2023.

A Testament to Exceptional Leadership

Nikki’s journey with AMP began in the small, close-knit communities of Northern Illinois, where she first joined the company and honed her sales skills as a Field Sales Representative, selling HomePages® print advertising. Her tenacity and talent made her a standout in business-to-business sales. However, it was her transition to our recruiting team during the period when we changed from a print focused local publishing company to a tech enabled digital marketing agency that marked the beginning of an unprecedented era of success for AMP.

Under Nikki’s leadership, the recruiting team has achieved remarkable milestones and broken record after record. Her approach goes beyond mere recruitment; Nikki fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, making every candidate and every key member of her team feel like an integral part of the AMP family.

Surpassing Goals with Unparalleled Enthusiasm

Nikki’s achievements speak volumes, with a staggering 129% attainment of the Annual Goal set for the recruiting team. This remarkable accomplishment is a direct result of her development of a capable, hard-working team of Hiring Managers who show up to work every day with an unwavering commitment to the company’s growth.

In 2023, Nikki’s leadership was instrumental in generating $7,200,970 in New Hire Sales, a figure that not only underscores her own adeptness at talent acquisition but also her profound impact on inspiring her team to drive AMP’s overall success. Her ability to scout and secure the best candidates to join both her team and our wider sales team has been pivotal in maintaining our position as a leader in the market.

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

Nikki’s infectious passion and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of her personality, deeply resonating with candidates and colleagues alike. Her journey from selling print advertising to becoming an Associate Hiring Manager, Hiring Manager, Senior Hiring Manager, and then the Director of Recruiting is a source of inspiration, and an example to everyone of how dedication over time creates winning teams and a winning culture.

Her story is one of relentless pursuit of excellence, rooted in her small-town values and unwavering spirit. Growing up in Donahue, Iowa, Nikki developed a strong sense of community and teamwork, which she honed early on in athletic endeavors and seamlessly integrated into her professional ethos. A proud DePaul University alumna, she has translated her learnings and experiences into significant achievements.

Nikki’s commitment extends beyond the professional realm. Her involvement with the Rock River YMCA and her devotion to her family, especially in supporting her brother and enjoying quality time with her nephew, Teddy, reflect the depth of her character and her grounding in family and community values.

Building a Dynamic Recruiting Engine

Nikki Bowman is not just a capable manager; she is a hardworking leader who has assembled a dynamic recruiting engine, serving as the backbone of growth for our company. Her caring, disciplined approach to recruitment and the development of people around her has not only changed the individual career trajectory of scores of team members, but has also significantly contributed to the growth and development of our managers and executives. Under Nikki’s guidance, the recruiting team has become a vital source of talent and leadership, fueling the steady growth and success of AMP. She is a cornerstone of our company’s thriving culture and ongoing success.

As we celebrate Nikki’s achievements, we also celebrate the values she embodies: dedication, passion, follow through to the final detail, and an unwavering commitment to success. Nikki, thank you for your exemplary leadership and for inspiring all of us at AMP to strive for greatness.

Cheers to Nikki Bowman, our 2023 Director of the Year!

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