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Celebrating Brittany Vial: AMP’s 2023 Rookie of the Year

In the dynamic world of sales and marketing, each year a star emerges who defines commitment, performance, and excellence. This year, that star newcomer to AMP is Brittany Vial, our celebrated 2023 Rookie of the Year. Brittany’s journey from a brand new sales rep in March to becoming a Mentorship Manager in the Northwest Region is a tale of dedication, growth, and remarkable achievement.

A Year of Exceptional Performance

Brittany joined the AMP family and Team Wisconsin in March 2023, embarking on her first project in Waupaca, WI. With little time wasted, she showcased her prowess as a steadfast GSV seller and swiftly adapted to the OPTIMA™, AMP Video™, and CloseBy® Text Marketing programs. Her sales trajectory saw impressive month-over-month improvements, hitting her first significant milestone with a $15,000 sales month in May, including $8,827 in OPTIMA™ sales.

Her consistency didn’t just stop there; Brittany continued to exceed expectations, maintaining a remarkable average of $17,223 in total sales. The breakdown of her monthly averages alone speaks volumes: $18,223 in sales, $6,002 in GSV sales, and a solid $11,081 in OPTIMA™/Text, complemented by commendable figures in DNA and AMP Video™ sales.

Beyond the Numbers

What sets Brittany apart is not just her sales figures but her holistic approach to growth and development. Behind the scenes, she has been a dedicated student at AMP U, ranking among the Top 10 in the NW Region. Her collaboration with notable veterans like Halle Hecker and Eric Sauld has been instrumental, providing her with invaluable training resources and feedback.

October marked a significant milestone in Brittany’s career as she joined the leadership team through the Observation Day Program, showcasing her potential in mentoring new hires and reinforcing her role as a pivotal figure within the team.

Record-Breaking Achievements and Leadership

November was a landmark month for Brittany, setting personal and company records with over $29,823 in sales. Her ability to lead by example, especially in expanding our reach in northern Wisconsin markets, has been nothing short of inspirational.

A Personal Touch to Success

Brittany’s journey is not just professional but personal. A graduate from Mid-State Technical College with a degree in Liberal Arts, she has demonstrated resilience and determination in various roles before AMP. Her ability to connect with small business owners and exceed in her role was evident from her initial interview, showcasing the grit and work ethic that has led to her remarkable success. Her story is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, and a relentless drive for excellence.

Outside of work, Brittany’s life is filled with joy, spending time with her husband, Riley, and daughter, Layla, along with pursuing her passion for portrait photography.

Please join us in congratulating Brittany Vial on her outstanding achievements as our 2023 Rookie of the Year!

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