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Celebrating Mae Novakoski: Inside Sales Rookie of the Year 2023

It’s not every day that we witness the rise of a true sales powerhouse within our organization. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight Mae Novakoski, who has not only shattered expectations but also set new standards in the world of inside sales. Mae’s journey from a promising newcomer to her recent promotion as Digital Inside Sales Business Development Team Lead is a story of dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to success.

Mae’s Stellar Sales Journey

Mae joined AMP in March 2023, and in less than a year, she has transformed the landscape of our sales department. Her monthly averages speak volumes about her prowess:

  • Total Sales: Mae has consistently pushed the envelope, with average monthly sales of $31,407.
  • Account Retention and Growth: With a staggering 78.9% 2+ Year ARR and a 125.5% NDR Increase, Mae has not only retained but significantly grown her accounts.
  • New Accounts: Mae has been instrumental in expanding our clientele, adding 16 new accounts and managing 17 in total.
  • Renewal Rates: Her efforts have led to impressive renewal rates of 66.67% for the first year and 77.42% for the second year.
  • Overall Impact: Mae’s contribution has been holistic, marked by an 80.63% RRR% and a notable $6,861 NDR.

Her remarkable achievements include being one of the first reps to secure $20,000 in new business within her first month and setting a record for the most new businesses acquired in a single month with nine. Mae’s relentless pursuit of excellence, aptly nicknamed “End of Day Mae,” showcases her commitment to not just meet but exceed her targets, proving that every minute counts in the competitive realm of sales.

A Mentor in the Making

Mae’s promotion to Digital Inside Sales Business Development Team Lead is a testament to her leadership qualities and her ability to inspire those around her. Working closely with Associate Account Managers and new reps, Mae is set to transfer her knowledge, strategies, and passion to the next generation of sales professionals at AMP. Her journey from being a mentee under Angelica Muriella to becoming a mentor herself is a full-circle moment that underlines her growth and the respect she commands within our community.

Angelica, reflecting on Mae’s journey, shared, “Your hard work has transformed you into an exceptional mentor for future team members.” This transition from a high-achieving sales rep to a guiding force for newcomers is a move that promises to strengthen our team’s foundation and foster a culture of success and mutual growth.

Beyond Sales: Mae’s Personal Triumphs

Mae’s professional success is mirrored by her personal achievements. Recently moving back to Arizona, where she attended school, Mae has realized a significant personal goal. This move is not just a change of location but a testament to her ability to set targets and achieve them, be they professional or personal. Her passion for her work, her family, and her love for attending concerts are sources of inspiration and balance, making her a well-rounded leader.

A Bright Future Ahead

As we celebrate Mae Novakoski’s promotion and reflect on her incredible journey within AMP, we look forward to the continued impact she will have on our team and clients. Mae, congratulations on your well-deserved success and stepping into your new role with the same zeal and enthusiasm that has brought you this far. Your story is one of inspiration, proving that with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, the sky is the limit. Here’s to many more achievements and to the bright future ahead. We can’t wait to see where your leadership will take our team next!

Congratulations, Mae, on being our Inside Sales Rookie of the Year 2023!

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