February 2024 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessMar 01, 2024

February AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our February 2024 Employee of the Month, Alondra Naula!

Since joining AMP in June 2023, Alondra has impressed us all with her quick learning and dedication to her role. Within just one week, she was confidently taking incoming calls and mastering all aspects of her responsibilities. From managing the Customer Support inbox and processing domains, to creating and following up on cases, calling on declines, and providing excellent Bilingual Support – Alondra truly goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are taken care of.

In February, Alondra created 90 Customer Support cases, 84 of these have been closed with only 6 remaining open. Her case open to close rate sitting at 93.33%. Over the last month she collected $3,871.55 in declined payments. Alondra is the team’s go to person regarding domain questions and concerns. In February, she assisted 8 customers in pointing their domains.

One of Alondra’s coworkers had this to say about her,

“Alondra takes her time and makes sure that she is doing everything within her power to assist customers, both on the CS team as well as the Bilingual Support Team. Alondra is always willing to lend a hand or offer insight when asked.”

Another coworker had this to say,

“I believe Alondra deserves employee of the month as she is a very hard working and productive member of the Customer Support Team. Alondra never fails to help with any task, question, domains, and bilingual support. She starts every day with a smile and a good attitude that is contagious to the rest of the team.”

Recently Alondra was working with a Bilingual customer who had purchased a Baseline program they had many concerns with the program and wanted to cancel. After working with them and several phone conversations the customer did not want to move forward with cancellation and upgraded to Platinum for a better site and more program options. In the month of February, Alondra has saved a total of 4 accounts who came in as cancellation requests but now are excited to continue working with their program.

Not only does she go above and beyond to motivate her team, but she also consistently provides outstanding customer service and completes tasks with precision and efficiency.


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