March 2024 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessApr 03, 2024

March AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our March 2024 Employee of the Month, Mark Flewellin!

As a valued member of our IT team, Mark has a rich history with AMP, and many know him from his initial 14-year stint with the company. Last November, he returned to our ranks, and has since been making strides as an SQL Developer on the Data Analyst team!

Over the past month, Mark has made a positive impact on many areas of the business! He completed several reports for the Fulfillment team, in which he pinpointed and swiftly corrected a system oversight issue. He also assisted the Finance team by enhancing one of their key reports and has continued to diligently work through past commissions processes so that he can take on future enhancements.

Mark is the go-to for many people who need help troubleshooting process-related issues, and his talent in Excel formulas is well-known among his peers. He has been a true asset in the short time he’s been back with AMP, and his accomplishments in the past month earned him the well-deserved nomination for Employee of the Month!

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