April 2024 Employee of the Month.

Career SuccessMay 01, 2024

April AMP Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to our April 2024 Employee of the Month, Brandy Ganion!

Brandy recently moved to a new role where she’s a bit more behind-the-scenes compared to her previous role as Product Support Specialist, which she worked for just shy of 2 years. In her new role as fulfillment’s first and only Digital Fulfillment Data Specialist, Brandy has fully embraced all things data and report related…she’s not only doing an incredible job, but she’s truly loving it and making a huge impact!

Brandy has done and continues to do many things to support our fulfillment teams; she has taken over some reporting for fulfillment leaders, she’s creating new reports, enhancing existing reports, and she’s maintaining, running and sharing results of those reports daily, weekly and monthly. Brandy also takes the time to communicate any trends, great or not-so-great, to applicable teams or leadership to ensure targets are consistently met. She’s also continuing to learn new processes, whether it’s to take on something new or to act as a back-up to another team member’s primary role.

These reports and data analyses are not only limited to OPTIMA™. Brandy has learned key data points and continues to support GSV reporting as well, for both Scheduling and the Photographer side for our GSV teams. In total, Brandy is providing data and report support to at least 7 different fulfillment leaders and their respective teams!

OPTIMA™ leadership all came to the same consensus: Brandy has and continues to provide invaluable insight and visibility to different areas of fulfillment, she does an awesome job of following up on items and offering her support, helps hold our team metrics accountable and provides incredible encouragement along the way.

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