Case studies.

Last updated: 04/13/2021

CloseBy® Helps Small Businesses Survive the Pandemic

2020 was a devastating year for many small business owners as well as their loyal customers. Ever changing restrictions due to COVID-19 posed new challenges for business owners on a daily basis and created confusion amongst customers as to which business were open and what products and services they still provided. However, CloseBy® Text Marketing cut through the confusion to help business owners and their customers stay on the same page.

Since text messages are typically read within three minutes of being delivered, text marketing allows businesses to send immediate communication during turbulent times. Mark Walkey, owner of Mark’s Pizza in Rockton, IL, said, “CloseBy® Text Marketing truly helped me make it through the pandemic! I was able to communicate with my customers and let them know my hours, pickup options, and most importantly that I was OPEN! If I did not have this text marketing program, I do not think my business would be here today!”

The power of CloseBy® rings true to its name, as it seamlessly keeps small businesses by their customers’ sides, even during a pandemic that pushes people to a distance.