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Last updated: 12/28/2021

Hiring our Google-Certified Photography Team makes this easy and effective

We’ve helped thousands of national and local businesses with their Google Street View interior tour. Google Street View Trusted (GSV) tours have become an important aspect of a business’s online presence. They increase the visibility of your listings, provide credibility, and often earn thousands or even tens of thousands of customer views. Creating a suitable, sustainable GSV tour requires expertise and professional equipment. We are amongst the largest Google Street View Trusted Agencies in the US and 100% of our on site photography work is provided by a badged, Google-certified photographer.


We get the Shot Right:
An experienced, Google Certified photographer surveys the business interior and exterior to determine the best possible spots for panoramas and point of interest shots. Because AMP photographers are expertly trained, they avoid the mistake of taking photos in the wrong lighting, at the wrong angle or the wrong speed.

Specialized Equipment:
The photographer must use a special camera, usually one programmed to take four pictures, which can later be stitched to form a 360 degree image with multiple exposures. For still shots, the photographer uses a high-definition camera with multiple exposure settings. This allows for a crisp user experience.

Eliminate any Unsuitable Pictures:
When editing the raw, uncut version, any shots with unsuitable angle, lighting, or speed are eliminated.

Avoid Privacy Violations:
Editors review the footage to blur faces, license plates, and other sensitive personal information to avoid being taken down by Google due to privacy violations. Fortunately, AMP staff are intimately familiar with Google’s Terms of Service and the photo editors ensure that your tour will be taken compliant with Google’s stringent privacy guidelines.

Professional Stitching to Create Seamless Tours:
Editors stitch together the photos using specialized software. This requires expert attention to detail, because imperfectly stitched panoramas can be jarring to look at.

Plotting the Tour:
Plotting out the tour is a critical skill, and here is where all final edits are made.

Uploading the Tour and Professional Still Images to the Client’s Google Listing:
The final step is uploading the virtual tour and the still photos to the customer’s official Google listing. Over the years, AMP has become an expert with managing and uploading official imagery content for businesses on Google, so what is often a frustrating experience for enterprise or local business owners is done quickly and efficiently by AMP experienced personnel.