Case studies.

Last updated: 09/07/2018

Metered Call Line shows real proof of customer success with OPTIMA™

Illinois customer Huntley Auto Repair purchased an OPTIMA™ program in July 2015. Like many savvy business owners the owner was skeptical that they would see actual results from “claiming and managing” the company’s online listings. We were so confident in our product that we worked with them to purchase a metered call line so that the only place the new number existed was in their OPTIMA™ managed online listing.

Each time a metered call line is dialed the call is logged and instantly forwarded to the advertiser. The date, time, length of call, Caller ID, and answer status is recorded by Call Measurement, a third party research firm. This one phone number managed by our team of OPTIMA™ professionals created 1552 calls in 41 weeks. They went from zero calls to 708 calls in 50 weeks just using our OPTIMA™ program with a phone number published nowhere else. That creates real return on investment. Call us today to start professional managing your online presence.