Account Manager Support Specialist.

Last updated: 11/10/2023

Account Manager Support Specialist

American Marketing & Publishing, LLC has been helping family owned businesses advertise intelligently and inexpensively in their communities since 1997. Our mission is to ensure that our clients win the call when consumers have a need and begin to search, and we’ve become the trusted, go-to partner to our longstanding advertising clients when it comes to their online visibility and marketing needs.

We help tens of thousands of businesses manage their online business listings, company profiles, imagery, website, social postings, and reviews. We own the CloseBy® Text Marketing platform and we are the largest Google Street View Trusted agency in North America. In sum, we provide the best people in the community – hard working small business owners – with the best local advertising solutions in the industry.

Role and Expectations

Account Manager Support Specialists (AMSS) have a versatile role that includes substantial personal sales responsibilities. Account Manager Support Specialists undertake important customer support activities and work closely with AMP team members in Customer Service, Fulfillment, and with other Digital Inside Sales personnel. Our AMSS team works very closely with OPTIMA™ customers in order to ensure a good relationship and provide great service. Additionally, one will help support with social media posts, website enhancements, and product fulfillment in order to increase our customer engagement and retention. Lastly, due to our evolving digital space, our AMSS team will be responsible for explaining the program in great detail and providing additional products to help support small businesses in increasing their online presence.

The duties and responsibilities of an Account Manager Support Specialist may include:

Customer and Internal Communication Responsibilities:

  • Complete Touchpoint Calls to assigned customers with the goal of explaining our OPTIMA™ services in great detail.
  • Function as a liaison between DIS Account Managers and the Fulfillment and Verification Team.
  • Create and develop social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor.
  • Help enhance OPTIMA™ Testimonial website content.
  • Generate creative ideas to help a small business grow throughout our OPTIMA™™ services program.

Making a significant volume of personal sales, including:

  • To referred new customers.
  • To existing customers on the basis of intelligently offered upselling or cross selling opportunities during the period starting 90 days after they became customers.
  • Occasionally renewing of existing customers if circumstances warrant that.


We are building our sales team and hiring achievers who are looking to put the pedal to the floor in their career.

  • Base salary
  • Uncapped commissions / Bonuses ($50,000-$55,000 first year average earnings)
  • Full Time; Monday-Friday
  • Extensive professional training programs
  • Full or partially remote work option after 10 week training and onboarding period
  • Excellent Health Benefits (Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO), Prescription Drug, Vision (VSP), Dental (Delta Dental), Disability & Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan with discretionary company match
  • Paid Time Off including 15 personal/vacation days and 9 additional paid holidays
  • Significant recognition and incentive programs, and international Leadership Summit Trip for top performers
  • Rapid career advancement opportunities to senior sales positions, training and management roles



We Encourage and Consider All Applications