Abe Andrzejewski


Abe got an early start in the publishing business when he launched a series of paid-purchase coupon books as an undergraduate student and then began publishing one-town telephone books for small towns in rural Illinois, where he grew up. That small business continued to grow through graduate school, and eventually scaled to produce student and faculty directories for prominent MBA programs and law schools, including Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia.

Convinced of the extraordinary opportunities pent up in publishing community-focused telephone directories, Abe published the first HomePages® Directory in 1997. In the 26 years since then, Abe has been closely involved in the development of an innovative and effective set of products that serve family owned businesses well, including CloseBy® Text Marketing and OPTIMA™ Visibility & Reputation Management Services. He is passionately committed to practical organizational innovation and employee development. Abe is a regular attendee and presenter at the company’s all-voluntary Saturday Leadership Development Program.

Abe is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and Harvard Law School and a member of the Young Presidents Organization. He is an avid freshwater fisherman.

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