Christy Moore

Sales HR Director

Joined AMP: 2022
College Attended: University of Illinois, Marketing and Sales

Christy re-joined AMP in April 2022 as our Sales HR Director. Previously, she worked at AMP from 2009 – 2014 where she began in field sales and then quickly took over as the District Manager of Northwest Illinois District. Under her stewardship, Christy’s team grew to be the largest and most productive team in the company heralded for consistently winning on nearly every project they touched. Christy was a prodigious developer of talent and a positive force throughout the entire company. She won District Manager of the Year in 2010, and with many leaders developed underneath her, she earned a promotion to Vice President of Northern Illinois Sales. After two years further building her market, she was then called upon to team up with the recruiting and training department and AMP’s Vice President of Recruitment and Training – a role she dutifully led all the way until the time she made the hard decision to step away from AMP at the end of 2014.

During this time, Christy focused on her family, started a small essential oil business and got involved in the community serving The Junior League of Rockford, IL in various roles including Fundraising Chair, Recruitment Chair, President Elect, and President. She was also very involved in her son’s school and chaired their parent organization for 5 years.

Christy graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing & Sales and a minor in Political Science. In her free time she loves gardening, golfing, Pilates, playing games (she’s very competitive) and traveling with her family.

We were thrilled to welcome Christy back in 2022 as our Sales HR Director where she had been able to focus her time and natural enthusiasm on helping our newest sales reps as they begin their careers with AMP. Christy is an endless source of optimism and enthusiasm. Her extensive track record in sales, sales leadership, recruiting, and training make her a great ally and partner to the entire sales and sales leadership team.



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