Kristin Bayle

Director of Project Management

Joined AMP: 2010

College Attended: Northern Illinois University

“You never fail until you stop trying.” – Albert Einstein

Kristin began her tenure with AMP in February 2010 as a Proofreader in Quality Control.  Over the next four years she was promoted several times and took on cross-department responsibilities working with customers and streamlining processes.  In January 2015 she was promoted again to the role of Admin Manager where she oversaw the data entry team and managed contract workflow.   Under her leadership, the team overhauled contract workflow to dramatically increase data entry productivity and accuracy.  In 2018, she continued to execute impressively as the Admin Manager while extending her influence by joining our CRM “Super User” group. Since its inception she has been a driving force behind CRM architecture, workflow, reporting, and enhancement.   She successfully managed the Admin Team over four years supervising the Bookman to CRM transition and earning the coveted “2018 Manager of the Year” award.   Just a year later building on her “super user” experience Kristin joined the IT Team as an Agile Project Manager.  She quickly excelled in that role, helping transition the IT Team into a more efficient and organized software solution delivery engine.

As Director of Project Management, Kristin possesses well-rounded institutional knowledge across many different areas of the business. Her good ideas, thoughtful advice, and work ethic imprint nearly every department across the office team.  The go-to person for every system development, operations procedure and product roll out, she also brings a consistently helpful, collaborative approach making her a well-respected AMP leader whether it is working on e contract enhancements, testimonial page improvements, reporting updates, or helping business users prioritize their needs.

Outside of work, Kristin enjoys spending time with husband Ben and children, Kolin and Bentli. As an avid gardener she is continuously looking for a way to sneak new plants into her backyard oasis–and yet a true Midwesterner at heart, she loves snow!  In her free time, she reads mystery/thrillers and is always up for a game of volleyball.

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