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Contractor Advertising Solutions

We understand that it has taken years of hard work and ambition to build your business as a service professional—and you probably never have a spare minute.

This is particularly true when it comes to the time intensive work of professionally managing your marketing program.  Whether you are a painter, roofer, plumber or general contractor we know that high paying local jobs create profit. Our products — OPTIMA™, Imagery, or Print — are designed to get you the best local customers and to keep their referrals returning to you.

Effective, traditional print ads in a HomePages® Directory give you an advantage in being found and called by good local customers and bring the implied weight of a personal recommendation. 

Because your community HomePages® Directory is not stuffed with thousands of similar service businesses, but rather highlights providers who truly live and work in their community, customers using the directory search for a local painter, plumber or contractor they can trust with a job, not just the lowest-cost option.

Our online visibility and reputation management product, OPTIMA™, was designed for busy owners like you.

Probably much of your business comes from word of mouth referrals or a network of other contractors you’ve worked with in the past that appreciate your work. When a potential customer who has heard about your work from a neighbor or friend, decides it is time to buy — they likely will search online to find your information.  This is the ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH — when intention meets selection and they need to find YOU, not your competition!  Our OPTIMA™ team of professionals manage, update, and maintain your business listings, photos, and online reviews across all major search engines — driving SEO and page rank by eliminating common pitfalls like inconsistencies, old information, or stock images. With OPTIMA™ reputation tool kit we make it easy to take your solid reputation built over years of hard work and translate it into 4 and 5 star ratings on Google. So when a customer goes online ready to buy, you win the call!

Showcasing your previous jobs or examples of your work with powerful, professional imagery can mean the difference in capturing business as well as creating the opportunity to charge more for your skill and experience. Our professional Google certified photographers can create a virtual tour of your space or transform your jobs into beautiful before and after imagery to post on your Google listing or OPTIMA™ testimonial page.

As a contractor, you love it when customers choose you to create, transform or maintain their home or office space because of your consistent, professional quality work.  Here at AMP we make sure that your marketing gets the same professional quality attention that you give to your customers. That’s exactly what we love about our work too.  

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