People & PromotionsSep 03, 2019

Carlos Paz Promoted to Senior Digital Sales Representative – South Chicago Digital Market

Congratulations to Carlos Paz on his promotion to Senior Digital Sales Representative – South Chicago Digital Market!

Carlos “The Paz Dispenser” Paz is making a name for himself here at AMP very quickly! Many have already heard Carlos on morning success calls or have had the great opportunity to spend time with him during their observation day. “Los” has been a huge addition to South Chicago Digital Team and the impact has been felt by everybody in the region! Carlos started off his career with a bang, completing his 8 GSV sales in 8 selling days and quickly earning OPTIMA™/CloseBy® training. In his first full month with AMP, Carlos put up a very impressive performance that turned heads and put the Rookie of the Year contenders on notice: 26 Accounts, 17 OPTIMA™/CloseBy® sales, and an incredible $24,095 in total sales. What stood out to many team members is the $15,475 in OPTIMA™ sales was a team-high. He did all of this while completing his first territory goal of Cicero, IL. That project goal was reached thanks to Carlos’ dedication going out on a Saturday alongside his fearless leader, Raphael Weaver, and getting the final 3 sales to push the project over goal. Carlos continues to reset the bar and compete against himself every day.

District Manager Raphael Weaver has done an excellent job getting Carlos off to a fast start. When we asked Raphael to describe what Carlos means to South Chicago, he said “Carlos is such a team player! He’s organized, disciplined, and exemplifies the hard work that’s required to be successful. I am so proud to work for Carlos! He is driven to crush goals and is all-around a great guy. I enjoy spending time in the field with him because he’s always prepared, and the kicker…he always knows the best places to eat.”

When Carlos isn’t inspiring local merchants to partner with AMP, he’s spending time with his family. He jokingly describes himself as “a father of three, boss of none”. Carlos likes to read in his spare time, but he really loves spending time with his boys. Before leaving for work, Carlos gives his sons Tope, which is Spanish for baby headbutt. He mentioned the joy he gets after working hard all day to come home and get tackled by his sons as soon as walks through the door.  One thing that has helped Carlos become successful in our work is focusing on his “why”. Carlos was asked what he likes most about AMP and he said: “I like the freedom I have in controlling my day, and the support I get from my team. I also enjoy being able to reach out to upper management levels (always just a phone call away) and being recognized. Not just recognized for performance, but being able to talk about what I’m encountering on a daily basis, whether it’s good or bad. Definitely a family feel, and the company has been the most welcoming for me as a new employee. At other jobs I’ve held, I was just a number.”

Congratulations Carlos Paz on your well earned promotion!

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