PromotionsJan 19, 2020

Whitney Phelps Promoted to Digital Inside Sales Manager of Iowa City

Congratulations to Whitney Phelps on her promotion to Digital Inside Sales Manager of Iowa City!

Whitney joined AMP almost exactly 11 years ago when she graduated from the University of Iowa.   She was AMP’s first field representative in the great state of Iowa.   It’s fitting our first outside sales professional in Iowa becomes our first inside sales professional in the state as well.

Whitney’s AMP resume is extremely long and extremely impressive.   Her first project eleven years ago was Maquoketa, IA.  That was one of several HomePages® directories Whitney personally put on the map.  She was quickly promoted to Senior Sales Representative 4 months after joining AMP.   A little over 2 years later, Whitney was promoted to Eastern Iowa District Sales Manager.   As a DM, Whitney soared.  She built the Eastern Iowa market to be one of the largest in the company.   Her team was ranked #2 in 2013 and she earned DM of the Year in 2014.    That success led the way her promotion to Regional Sales Manager for Iowa where she’s stewarded Iowa to high levels of success over the last five years.

One of many things that makes Whitney Phelps great, is that she leveraged her work as a sales leader to become an even better sales professional.    While Whitney had very good sales stats when she was a rep, her sales stats as a sales trainer and coach and demonstrator are absolutely excellent.  She’s twice won the Field General award which recognizes the very best performance from the leadership team while shoulder-to-shoulder in the sales field.   She’s a six time President Achievement Award winner earned for leading her people and her teams to the top!

Outside of work, Whitney is on the Muskie Baseball Academy Board for sponsorship & fundraising, as well as, the Geneva Golf & Country Club Board for membership.  Her husband, Luke, leads a family owned company,  Phelps Uniform & Custom Image Wear.  Outside of their careers, Whitney and Luke are very active raising Beckham 7, Camden 5 (managing their WWE wrestling living room matches every night) & Leighton 2 (who will currently only watch the Grinch, and loves all things puppy & babies).   The Phelps family has a family philosophy to be passionate about making every minute of every day count.

In her new role, Whitney will report to Vice President of Sales for Digital Services, Ashley Fawkes.   Whitney will team with Ashley to build up our 2nd digital inside sales office and third overall inside sales office (the other being in HQ in De Kalb).   She will be her own first rep, starting the same way Ashley did several years ago when she took over our digital inside sales team in Schaumburg.   She won’t be an army of one for long, soon the Iowa City office will growing.   Expect to see Whitney and members of the Iowa City inside sales office on stage in January, 2021.

Congratulations on your promotion Whitney!

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