PromotionsJan 21, 2020

AMP Fulfillment Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Samantha Spoon on being selected as the 2019 Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

We are very proud to announce that this year’s Fulfillment Employee of the Year is Samantha Spoon!

As her supervisor for the last 4 years, I have had the pleasure of watching Sam grow and evolve with the QC department and with the company. She maintains over 99.8% accuracy (and has ever since she was hired in August 2016!!) and keeps herself accountable for her own deadlines. She’s careful, organized, and upbeat whenever I talk to her!

She has really blossomed, especially over the last year as I asked her to take on QC tasks that are really complicated and, frankly, kind of scary for most people. But although those tasks were not part of Sam’s usual wheelhouse, she committed to taking time each week to practice, to learn, to train with her coworker, and to really help contribute to our team in that area.

Sam is also our go-to person for Community Pages, handling all the outreach to our government contacts, making updates to the pages after the initial research, and updating our information spreadsheets so we are as up-to-date as possible with the information we print, and she makes great suggestions for ways to streamline the section and change our yearly scripts to keep things fresh.

I appreciate that Sam is always up for a challenge and that this quiet department is being represented by such a great person and team player.

Here’s what Sam’s teammates say about her:

“When I arrive to work each morning, Sam’s already booted up and ready to tackle her duties for the day. I’ve seen her computer desktop and she has color-coded lists and things, and it all looks completely organized. Sam’s always delightful and optimistic when we communicate and just completely kind. Choosing her is a no-brainer!”

She has a positive and helpful attitude. She has great attention to detail and works really hard to ensure the quality of our directories.”

“Sam is one of the quickest learners I have ever met. She picks up on things so easily and takes wonderful notes when she learns new tasks. She’s positive, upbeat and accommodating with government contacts and customers on the phone, and she’s dedicated to the work she’s doing.”

Congratulations Samantha on your well-deserved award! 

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing