PromotionsJan 30, 2020

AMP 2019 Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Veronica Quezada on winning the 2019 AMP Employee of the Year!

The AMP Employee of the Year is someone who:

  • Arrives prior to the start of his/her scheduled shift and is organized, ready to work at 8am each and every day.
  • Demonstrates a positive, pro-active attitude toward his/her responsibilities, the company, co-workers and management.
  • Offers suggestions for improvement and consistently demonstrates a high level of quality work.
  • Embraces evolution and assists others with adapting to change.
  • Graciously accepts accolades for successes, but also humbly takes accountability for mistakes/errors.
  • Works collaboratively with teammates not only in his/her department, but also other departments as well.

Veronica is an extraordinarily hard worker — getting her new tasks done while remaining one of our top claiming verification specialists. The Verification team knows they can that I can ask her any questions to get help or tips for sites and accounts & she keeps the team informed on issues with emails and one on one chats to physically show them how to fix the issue.

Veronica is eager to help others when they are stuck, or need assistance — often taking on the challenge of being the first one to find a solution. This isn’t only because Veronica is competitive, it’s also because she is so well rounded when it comes to OPTIMA™. She’s worked almost every role our department has to offer and is hungry to learn more. She is extremely skilled in working through customer experience issues and is often one of the first people Schaumburg and customer experience will reach out to when they are in a sticky situation.

At the end of this year, Veronica stepped up majorly when we experienced sudden turnover with the Verification Specialists. Veronica has played a vital role in training 5 out of 6 of the other Verification specialists. She has proven time and time again to be a great team player and a great resource for us. She works hard, does her job well & is great with customers.  Not only is Veronica great at what she does, she also has a sense of humor that always brightens our days! Most importantly, she spent the better half of 2019 working hard to help create a team of people who do the same — and her drive hasn’t slowed down for 2020.

Congratulations on winning the coveted Employee of the Year award!

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing