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AMP 2019 IMPACT Award of the Year

Congratulations to Megan Moser on winning the 2019 AMP IMPACT Award of the Year!

Here at AMP we are blessed with a group of employees who make a positive impact everyday on our customers, our sales teams, candidates, coworkers, and the communities we live in.  Every year the challenge of the IMPACT award is selecting just three people to recognize for their outsized contributions.   The three women nominated this year are incredible examples of career, personal, and company transformation. During 2019 each of them AMP’d up their careers by moving into almost entirely new roles and responsibilities.  That flexibility to embrace change, the eagerness to learn new things, and willingness to stretch themselves and the company as well as the people around them set Tiffany, Kristin, and Megan apart during 2019.    

Choosing one winner among these three stellar examples was difficult.  The three of them work very closely together, they all work early mornings, late nights and weekends. They all have amazing accomplishments to report for the past year.  However, when we started to review the number of people, departments, systems, processes and procedures touched and in many cases transformed by this year’s winner, the choice became clear.  This year’s winner completely reinvented herself in a new role and department and touched and improved a dizzying number of areas and initiatives.  To name a few—she began 2019 by assisting with recruiting software transition to ZoHo, taught herself WordPress, then assisted with the creation of 4 new websites. She created the AMPu training portal website and as part of this read and recorded scores of pages of the digital sales training manual to create the AMP podcast channel. She implemented a full re-architecture of customer service case reporting, designed and created a new service touchpoint process for digital account management in both OPTIMA™ and Text, trained and coordinated independent sales contractors, consulted throughout the year on the 10DLC text transition, designed and facilitated the Inside sales move to the e contract submission, added OPTIMA™ customer statistics into the CRM, she organized, planned and helped execute over 130 recruiting, product, HR and training videos, in addition to posting hundreds of customer case studies and company blog posts. These are a few examples of the that she has touched just in 2019.  Of course she did not achieve this alone, but collaborated with intensity, organization, and of course humor to deploy the substantial talents of Tiffany and Kristin as well as Amanda Weber, Matt Rinehart, Brook Girkin, Jen Bock, Colleen Francis, Ashley Fawkes, Nikki Bowman, our IT team, multiple vendors, and many, many others to achieve her lofty goals.

 That is truly what impact is—not one person working alone but the ability to leverage the time and talent of those around you together to achieve great things.  She is always willing to volunteer to get something done, never complains about our workload, and tirelessly works to improve herself, our products, and the company as a whole.  Last year at this time Megan took a leap of faith in partnering with me to create an entirely new marketing department at the beginning of 2019, and I am so glad she did.  It has been such a pleasure working with her unique combination of hard work and fun, creativity and organization, humor and analysis. 

Congratulations Megan Moser on achieving so many great things during 2019 and making a such a huge impact on the company. 

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