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AMP 2019 Manager of the Year

Congratulations to Chelsea Jolly on winning the 2019 AMP Manager of the Year!

With such an incredibly talented leadership team, the Manager of the Year selection process is never easy…and this year was no exception. I am proud to announce the AMP 2019 Manager of the Year award goes to Chelsea Jolly.

Chelsea embodies the qualities of an amazing and impactful leader at AMP, very much deserving of the 2019 Manager of the Year Award. Chelsea is a Front Line Manager and Doer of the work … she never asks anyone to perform a task that she is not willing to do herself. She is a Subject Matter Expert on almost all things OPTIMA™ related, and prides herself on being an Initiative Taker and Solution Seeker. There is no task too big for her to take on, and she approaches all of her responsibilities with unparalleled passion and with an incredible sense of urgency.

During 2019, Chelsea and her fellow Team leaders embarked on a Training Mission to ensure everyone on the Team possessed the necessary tools to cover all facets of OPTIMA™ fulfillment responsibility, promoting task completion efficiency and individual career growth opportunities. Several members of the team, and members outside of the department, have been cross-trained on different OPTIMA™ fulfillment tasks … which ensures we are meeting customer expectations, even during periods of heavy sales volumes.

Despite having a heavy workload filled with responsibility, Chelsea is never too busy to answer questions, pull stats together or participate in project work. She exudes positive enthusiasm, you can’t help but walk away from an interaction with Chelsea feeling good…good about the work she does on behalf of her Team, good about the work she does on behalf our customers and great about the impact she is having on AMP as a whole. Her positive, can-do, attitude is not only infectious, it is inspiring.
Chelsea is incredibly goal-driven and strives to out-perform expectations, consistently. She truly enjoys a challenge and understands what it takes to achieve the type of results she wants for her Team … and for herself. Whether it was navigating the requirements of being a GMB Agency Featured Partner, assembling a plan for transitioning our customers’ Testimonial Pages to SSL or assisting with implementing the new Urgency Workflow, which allows for certain time-sensitive tasks to be prioritized, Chelsea and her Team were able to cross the finish line on schedule.

Chelsea understands that being a successful AMP Leader means putting the people you are responsible to FIRST, oftentimes meaning “her work” waiting until her Team had gone home. She is oftentimes the last person to turn the lights out in her department and almost always the first to respond in the evenings or on weekends. Chelsea’s dedication to her people, and the Company, is noticed and very much appreciated. While the Team she manages consistently faces many challenges with a constantly changing digital ecosystem, Chelsea displays a very humble confidence … she accepts the natural accolades that come from achieving a successful outcome, but she also views mistakes as an opportunity to learn how to approach things in a better way, in the future.

In 2019, Chelsea also worked closely with her Manager, Melissa Staniszewski, and Team Lead Cameran Fry, to ensure they were considering the strategic and big picture implications of system and process enhancements in their Department. Collaboration and great communication during periods of evolutionary change is incredibly important … and clearly a recognized skill that Chelsea has mastered. Chelsea has cultivated a hard-working, results-driven, forward leaning culture for her Team … she innately brings out the very best in the people she works closest with, each and every day. Chelsea, I am so very proud of you and the true Leadership that you bring to AMP.

Congratulations on winning the coveted Manager of the Year award!

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