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Combining OPTIMA™ and CloseBy® Text Marketing

Combining OPTIMA and CloseBy® Text Marketing Allows You to Attract New Customers and Drive Engagement With Existing Clients

Pairing OPTIMA™ and CloseBy® Text Marketing creates a comprehensive and affordable digital marketing approach for any small business owner, particularly when competition is fierce. OPTIMA™ provides the online exposure that a business needs to attract the purchase-ready public and Text is the desire driver necessary to drive the frequency of visits or purchases by those already familiar with a business. 

Let’s break it down by product and use some real life scenarios to understand how each of the products work together. Specialty Auto Care, a two year OPTIMA™  client, has gained new customers through the creation and promotion of their testimonial page and increase search engine exposure and page rank. In fact, they have increased profits by nearly $10,000 as a result of their testimonial page alone. 

Josh Del Rio explained that one of his new customers first searched online “Auto Repair, Joliet” to find a business to work on his engine. That search returned Specialty Auto Care as one of the top results. Once the customer identified Specialty Auto Care, he needed to conveniently contact them. The easy click-through to the business’s testimonial page website with lead capture proved crucial. During off hours when many emergency situation occur often customers would prefer to send an email and set up a tow and repair rather than call into an answering machine or drive to a location to inquire about services.  Specialty Auto Care won this customer because of the online visibility established and maintained by our OPTIMA™ program. 

Several months later, Specialty Auto Care purchased CloseBy® Text Marketing offering an attractive opt-in incentive for existing customers to get $5.00 off any service. Although the incentive is relatively small it creates an easy decision at checkout to join the loyalty list and has generated a significant number of leads. Since most of the new customers finding Specialty Auto Care based on an online search or lead represent larger, more complex jobs, the text platform easily leverages the initial sale to promote the quick oil change and lube services they offer. 

Every new online lead is now sent messages reminding them to get their oil changed which increases the frequency of customer engagement. Of course, not all jobs are going to be “whales”–representing thousands of dollars in profit. The “Minnows” are what keeps a business busy. Our text program, particularly in the auto industry, does just that. Specialty Auto Care has seen a significant and impactful increase in oil and lube jobs due largely to their CloseBy® Text Marketing program. 

Remember, when purchasing OPTIMA™  that it is the foundation, and just the beginning, of a comprehensive digital marketing program. OPTIMA™ and CloseBy® Text work hand in hand to attract businesses and keep them engaged.  I like to describe them like David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez for Boston Red Sox’s 2004 World Series championship team – the heavy hitters that are the springboard to success!  


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