PromotionsAug 12, 2020

Andrea Coney Promoted to Mentorship Manager for Our Northern Kentucky/Southern Indiana Market

Congratulations to Andrea “Dr. Dre” Coney for her promotion to Mentorship Manager for our Northern Kentucky/Southern Indiana Market!


Andrea began her career with AMP on September 11th, 2018 as one of the first key influencers in the Northern Kentucky build out. Andrea shot out of the gates sprinting. As Andrea grew quickly with success in her career so did her ascension to the Mentorship Day Team. Andrea’s ability to show candidates strong days displayed that she had the DNA to develop others and show them what it takes to win. Nearing the end of the 2018 calendar year, Andrea left for maternity leave as she brought her entire universe into existence. Enter life changing baby Octavia. Octavia changed how Andrea saw life and gave her an outlook that parenthood brings. Living life for Octavia and her family gave Andrea that spark to live her life for her ‘why’ and show baby Octavia just how successful mommy is.


Fast forward to Friday, March 1st 2019 where I received a game changing call and email exchange that expressed I would have the opportunity to work for Andrea. The partnership formed and lucky us our journey began. Upon Andrea’s return, she didn’t tip toe back into the selling environment, she hustled, she attacked and she won customer after customer. Andrea quickly learned the art of premium OPTIMA and is the only program she knows with OPTIMA. In Andrea’s first full month back she sold near $15,000 in sales and over $12,000 in Optima alone. Andrea’s results upon return made her amazing new Indianapolis teammates heads turn. The connectivity and support that Andrea gave was given right back to her as she became a staple and household name in the CentralStrong region and our AMP! Andrea is consistently is on the morning success calls, a guest speaker, tipster and a voice to chime in with added value or even question to gain more insight. This continued commitment all to further her acumen, get sharper and be stronger in all aspects of life.


Today as this announcement is being written, Andrea concluded her sales day with 2 premium OPTIMA, 1 Text and 1 GSV sale. Andrea is a winner in life, she’s a fighter as her road hasn’t always been easy. Through adversity one chooses a path, to get complacent and be a victim or to travel down the path with thicker skin and appreciation for the adversity because it makes you better, it makes you more resilient. Andrea chose resilience and the path of perseverance living life to the fullest and being a positive influence in her family’s life and her AMP families lives.


For those that personally know Andrea know that she is a special person with a big heart and she’s one of the toughest fighters that you will know. We are so thankful that she chose to fight with our AMP Family and continues to be a champion among an organization filled with champions!


It’s with full gratitude and appreciation that I get to write this today. You teach me as much as I you and couldn’t be more proud of you! It’s your time and this promotion is so well earned!


Cheers to our journey ahead and thank you for being you!


Congratulations, Andrea, on this well-deserved promotion!

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