PromotionsAug 18, 2020

Jen Bock Promoted to Manager of Accounting and Customer Experience

Congratulations to Jen Bock for her promotion to Manager of Accounting and Customer Experience!


In this newly created role, Jen will be responsible for the day to day oversight of our “Admin” (Data Entry and Contract Verification), A/R and Customer Experience Teams.   Alignment of these three very important behind-the-scenes functions under an incredible leader in combination with her front line leadership … Jen Elshoff as the A/R Coordinator and Asia Robinson as the Admin Team Lead … translates to strategically holistic management of our back office operations.


Jen will be continuing to build upon the existing strong foundation of our Admin Team … Asia Robinson, Sam Snyder and Rhonda Moberg … with the ultimate goal of driving improved accuracy of data and timeliness of data flowing from CRM to downstream systems and applications.   As part of her focus, Jen will be working on enhancing integrations between disparate systems and driving deeper efficiencies through the next generation of workflow automation.   While the integration of  the Admin Team with the Accounting Team is new for AMP, many businesses incorporate both of these functions under one Team with two, distinct functions: (1) processing/entering and verifying contracts and (2) processing payment and collections related functions.   The newly combined Team will be cross-trained on certain functions to allow for increased responsiveness during heavier contract volumes, without compromising on internal controls.


In addition, Jen will also continue to lead our very important team of Customer Experience Professionals … Crystal Judkins, Jonna Hiltunen and Riley Steen.


As the Manager of Accounting and Customer Experience, Jen is well-positioned to capitalize on her strengths in system architecture, process workflows and customer experience.   Jen will continue to play a role on our internal systems’ committee as the Accounting and Customer Experience representative.


Outside of work, Jen enjoys spending time with her three children … Madyson, who is a senior at University of North Dakota, Blake, who is a high school junior and plays basketball and Cooper, who is in 6th grade and plays baseball and basketball.  Jen is active in Sports Boosters, which helps raise money to purchase items for sport-related programs.   She also participates on the Waterman Community Chest, which raises money for non-profit organizations that benefit Waterman residents.   Last year, after watching some videos, Jen started making custom tumblers … and loves to see how happy people are with the final outcome.   Some might say she has a slight glitter obsession, but that is still up for debate J.   Her relaxation-outlets include crafting and spending time with family and friends.


Congratulations, Jen, on this well-deserved promotion!

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