PromotionsAug 19, 2020

Megan Moser Promoted to Director of Marketing Logistics and Product Development

Congratulations to Megan Moser for her promotion to Director of Marketing Logistics and Product Development!


Please help me congratulate Megan Moser on her promotion to Director of Marketing Logistics and Product Development!  For any of you who work with Megan, you know that she brings a unique blend of characteristics to the office with her each day – hard work and fun, creativity and organization, humor and analysis.  She is certainly one of the hardest working people I know, in a company full of hardworking people!


Megan began her AMP career in 2012 as a Text Specialist and was promoted to Digital Support Coordinator in 2015.  In 2016 she was again promoted to Digital Support Manager overseeing the text team and product.  Her early involvement in the HMRA product roll out and documentation highlighted her exceptional ability in creating systems and process.  Enthusiastic about continuing to learn and grow, Megan accepted another promotion and moved into a newly created role as Marketing and Logistics Development Manager only 21 months ago.  Megan succeeded in completely reinventing her skill set for this new role and in the last year and a half she has touched and improved a dizzying array of processes and initiatives.  ZOHO, WordPress, AMPU, text 10DLC, OSM refactor, touchpoint processes, sales pilot website, report building, testing, training, case study creation, enterprise sales and so much more–Megan seems a whirlwind of activity working to improve every process or product she touches.   When she is not fixing systems and process she keeps busy by promoting company culture and brand awareness and supporting product launches through blog posts, email outreach, social media, recruiting and training videos, updating websites, and even helping to push through the occasional after hours sale.  Just WOW!


Over the years Megan has been lauded and repeatedly recognized for her leadership and company impact and has earned the coveted company trip 3 times.  Awards include 2013 Text Department Employee of the Year, 2015 Text Department Employee of the Year, 2016 Office Employee of the Quarter – Q2, 2016 Rookie Leader of the Year, 2018 Impact Award Finalist, 2018 Manager of the Year Finalist, 2018 Impact Award Winner, and repeat 2019 Impact Award Winner.  (I would be remiss if I neglected to mention her favorite personal accomplishment receiving the CLIPPERD Award just 5 years apart (2013 and 2018) – though she cannot now recall the specifics of why she earned it.)


In Megan’s spare time (does she have any?) she can be found enjoying her two children, spending time with her husband, Justin, and selling the occasional 150 boxes of girl scout cookies so her little girl scout Annabelle stays on top of the sales chart!


Constantly on the look-out for new things to learn and broken things to fix, it is not hard to see why Megan is a repeat company Impact Award winner and so deserving of this promotion.


Congratulations, Megan, on this well-deserved promotion!

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