PromotionsOct 12, 2020

Bri Nail Promoted to DIS Account Manager Technology Liaison

Congratulations to Bri Nail on her promotion to DIS Account Manager Technology Liaison!

Bri joined our AMP family on March 3rd 2020. Bri has spent most of her life moving from state to state as her family is heavily involved in the military. Prior to AMP, Bri worked as a local sales store cashier on the military base and provided excellent service to our military personal. Bri wanted more for herself and her family and joined our ambitious Schaumburg Inside Sales Team as an Associate Account Manager.

Bri quickly demonstrated the ability to sell new business and was promoted to Account Manager. Due to the pandemic in March of 2020, we sent Bri and our DIS team to work from home. Bri was very new to the company and had to learn account management at home via Zoom and off of numerous phone calls.  With the help of our DIS leadership team and her amazing mentor Jenna Meyer, this didn’t stop Bri from living up to our high DIS expectations. In her Account Manager role, she continued to evolve by renewing at high rates, upselling customers and developing strong relationships. With her attention to detail and her hardworking personally she quickly raised to the rankings in DIS sales. Bri is currently ranked #13 companywide in our AMP rookie ranking.

While working from home, Bri had a mission to become a senior account manager very quickly.  She continued to increase her activity, better her presentations, and ask for the sale many times during a sales call. Due to her hard work, she was promoted to Senior Account Manager in May of 2020. In her Senior Account Manager Positon, she took on a larger account load, focused on new digital revenue, and continued to increase her renewal percentages. What our DIS leadership team appreciates about Bri is her ability to track her progress. Bri is extremely organized and has several excel trackers to track her AMP success. DIS has a personal best club designed to beat your personal best from month to month. Bri has been a member of the personal best club for total revenue, weekly revenue, renewal percentage and new digital revenue! Her hunger for success is contagious!

In Bri’s new role she will train, educate, update and coach Associate Account Managers, Digital Inside Sales Account Managers and Senior Digital Inside Sales Account Managers on proper usage of Sugar CRM and OPTIMA Module Updates. The Account Manager Technology Liaison will be an extension of the DIS training department relative to the onboarding and development of newly hired Associate Account Managers ensuring an understanding and competency of the systems needed to do their job effectively. Due to Bri’s attention to detail and strong understanding of AMPs systems, it is a no brainer that she will excel in this new position.

In Bri’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pups. She loves to craft and stitch embroidery gifts for her family and friends. She is also very involved on the military base providing assistance to new families that move in! Fun fact about Bri, her parents actually have a YouTube channel You, Me and the RV were they travel around the world living in an RV!

Bri, we’re so proud of you and are excited to see what amazing things you will accomplish in your new role!

Congratulations, Bri, on this well-deserved promotion!

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