PromotionsNov 17, 2020

Adam Gurski Promoted to Mentorship Manager for the Central Region/Southern Illinois Market

Congratulations to Adam Gurski on his promotion to Mentorship Manager for the Central Region/Southern Illinois Market!

Adam joined AMP August 25th of this year and hit the ground running! Adam’s first goal was to secure his SSR promotion as quickly as possible. He managed to secure 2 promotions within his first 3 months, what an achievement! Adam is currently the #5 ranked rookie in AMP averaging $22,943 in total sales with $11,161 in optima a month with over 65% POS. Though these numbers are incredible Adam is constantly seeking the advice and guidance of others in the Central Region as he continues to push himself.

Before joining AMP Adam spent a decade in restaurant management. It was there he learned the meaning of true customer service and dedication to long hours and hard work. Though Adam truly loved the team he lead and his customers he knew there was more he wanted for his career. AMP offered the structured schedule he was looking for with his family, but also the opportunity for growth. Adam put it very simply, “AMP is truly awesome! I love the people, the products, the culture, benefits and work/life balance.”

Anyone who has spent any time with Adam will tell you his wife Ellen and Son John who is a year and a half are his whole world. Adam and Ellen went to high school together, but didn’t start dating until college. One night at a party, Adam was the voluntary designated driver, Ellen asked if she could get a ride back and he ended up asking her to church the next morning. The rest is history. Adam’s dedication to his family helps push him to his success here at AMP!

Congratulations, Adam, on this well-deserved promotion!

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