Who We HelpDec 22, 2020

Warren’s Collision Center Finds Success with OPTIMA™ and GSV

“With OPTIMA™, in just 2-3 weeks we noticed a tremendous increase in calls and traffic in the front door.”

Warren’s Collision Center of Braidwood, IL has been a customer with OPTIMA™ since late 2019. Within the year that Warren has spent with the program, he’s seen an increase in phone calls, walk-ins, and referrals. His rating on Google has jumped from 4.4 to 4.6 stars and he’s received nearly 400 views to his testimonial website, provided with the OPTIMA™ program, that houses all of his online reviews and relevant business information. Warren describes his experiences with his old website as working, but not doing enough for his business. This is a common scenario with local business owners. OPTIMA™ is an affordable and seamless way to not only complete your business’ online profile, but also encourage positive reviews from customers and boost your presence online — Warren’s Collision Center is a perfect example of the success that follows signing on with OPTIMA™.

Warren’s Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour published at the end of September 2020 and he’s already received nearly 1,400 views. Accurately representing your business online is more important than ever, and when you have an operation as impressive as Warren’s Collision Center, you’ll want to get that information out to the world: GSV is the perfect avenue to get this accomplished.

Watch the video below to hear how Warren Wietting describes the opportunities OPTIMA™ has produced for his business — and see below the video for Warren’s impressive GSV Tour.


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