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Warren Trucking LLC Increases Customer Base Thanks to OPTIMA™

Starting a business is an exciting venture for any new owner, but getting that business noticed online can be a challenge. That’s where OPTIMA™ comes in. OPTIMA™ is the essential support every new business needs to ensure it doesn’t just exist online—it stands out.

Take Warren Trucking LLC, based in Hopkinsville, KY, for example. Since 2021, they’ve been the go-to for trucking and hauling services in their community. Specializing in everything trucking, from hauling to excavation and demolition. Owner Spencer Warren started working with OPTIMA™ back in 2021 when he launched his new business.

As soon as Warren Trucking joined OPTIMA™, our team of experts quickly got to work verifying, enhancing, and managing their online listings across platforms like Google and other key search engines. Warren Trucking’s online presence underwent a total transformation, evolving from a non-existent listing and low visibility to a prominent 5-star online profile. When searching for their business on Google, customers are now directed to a fully detailed listing containing core business information such as hours of operation, contact details, and a direct link to their website to learn more about their business and services.

With OPTIMA™, Warren Trucking’s increased visibility is leading to incredible results. Spencer’s customer base has broadened significantly, capturing the attention of customers seeking specialized hauling services outside of his community. For instance, when a customer was looking for a topsoil hauler from Clarksville, KY, to Texas, Warren Trucking was one of the top three businesses that appeared in their search. Additionally, larger-scale projects are now well within Warren Trucking’s grasp. When a pipeline burst in Spencer’s local community, creating an urgent demand for services, Warren Trucking was the obvious choice! Spencer shares,

“I am getting calls from people that own property in and around my area that don’t actually live here. They’re finding my information from Google, there is no other way they would have been able to find me. We had an incident where someone hit the pipeline that runs through our state and BP came into town and chose me to be their rock supplier, hauler, everything – it was a huge job!”

Warren trucking is a great example of how OPTIMA™ helps independent, family-owned businesses in establishing an online presence and continually updating online details on their behalf! This gives the hard working business owners we partner with the opportunity to dedicate more time to their passions and establish their place in the community. Spencer says, “I was a brand new business as of a few years ago, I didn’t even exist online before starting with OPTIMA™. Keep doing everything you’re doing!”

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