PromotionsDec 23, 2020

Aaron Young Promoted to Market Expansion Specialist – Missouri

Congratulations to Aaron Young on his promotion to Market Expansion Specialist – Missouri!

From the mean streets of Boston to the sleek streets of Carmel, IN now shipping off to Missouri, Aaron Young continues his journey planting our AMP flag in the great state of Missouri as our Market Expansion Specialist. The Missouri state signs says “Missouri Welcomes You” and it sure has! Just a few short weeks ago we secured the keys to our newest state. On Tuesday, December 15th 2020 Aaron, his amazing wife, Christine, oldest son, Jackson (7), his son, Oakley (5), the princess baby ‘not so baby’ girl, Avery (4) and their sweet puppy Valkyrie (2) loaded up the Penske moving truck and stepped foot in their new home in Ballwin, Missouri.

Aaron is so invested and motivated by our AMP mission and all the amazing people that make our company a true culture that is really hard to put into words. Passion is at the center of this and that passion has made Aaron and his family the happiest they have ever been. No more mean streets but happy streets and new Main Streets in Missouri that will forever be better as a result of an incredible influencer, amazing products backed by the best organization in the United States.

This promotion announcement is one for all of us and Aaron is at the helm of it with his Boston ball cap tipped saying “let’s GO, let’s BUILD.” When opportunity knocks you go and so he did. This is how legacies are built and this is at the heart of living the Expansion Always In All Ways lifestyle. Never settle, never get complacent, clear vision of what we want and live a life with appreciation and gratitude. Full hearts, all in, own it and live by it!


To best capture the character and the person that Aaron is, here is what they have to say:

Dallas Fonner

“Aaron has been my best resource and biggest fan since I started. I am truly so thankful to have Aaron on our team, and we at AMP are more than lucky to have him. Aaron Is a great leader and always goes out of his way to make sure the whole team is doing well in both work and life. Can’t wait to see where this career takes you!”

Krysten Wharton

“Aaron is someone who I can always rely on to lift my spirits. His spirit it is so infectious and it is no surprise that he instantly connects with so many business owners. We bounce ideas off each other, and constantly push each other to succeed. I have always valued and will continue to value that about him. He wants to get better each day and that is really incredible.”

Luke Wasowski

“Aaron has had a huge influence on everyone he comes in contact with at AMP. He’s a “Hype Beast” on morning success calls and has a genuine passion for helping people and small businesses. What a phenomenal story of work ethic combined with natural leadership abilities- we’re lucky to have him!”

Rick Tough

“Aaron has always been a shining light of positivity. Since coming to AMP his infectious mind frame has helped me grow in to a more positive person both in and out of work. His Boston Strong grit shows on everything he does and is a true inspiration to all of us in Central Strong.” 

Lindsay Sullivan

“Anyone who’s had the pleasure of working alongside Aaron can attest to his incredible energy. When he speaks he fully captures his audience attention (The incredible Boston accent doesn’t hurt). In all seriousness he’s an incredible leader who truly enjoys helping others. This new role is perfect fit for Mr. Young and I look forward to watching him excel!” 

Raphael Weaver

“Aaron ‘Gronk’ Young – After talking with Aaron on the phone, hearing him on the morning success calls and chiming in on the WhatsApp chain I can see why Brian Franczak raves about this young man. He is a true champion! Dedicated to his family and his career, he has an infectious personality in which we love and business owners love as well. Proud to partner with you Aaron best of luck on the new expansion market.”

Melany Rarey

“He’s so authentic- he’s been a real dose of raw & real energy; full of life, always up for an adventure, and just a real talent & hell of a good human. I appreciate his ability to have roots, but still have the ability to pick up and go wherever opportunity presents itself. It exudes confidence and zest for life.”

Christine Young

“A To The A To The Ron”

“Seeing the positive energy Aaron has when working or talking about AMP is infectious. That energy raises all of our vibration. Jackson, Oakley, Avery, and I are not only proud of what he has done since joining this amazing team, but we are beyond thankful. We are so happy he has found a happy home with AMP.”

They say it’s not hard to sell, but it’s heart to sell. The remarks of those above show that Aaron has the heart and his sales performance mirrors this very mantra. Aaron’s career with AMP started on January 7, 2020. In his first 2 weeks he amassed an impressive $8,235 with 4 Optima and 6 GSV accounts. He followed it up with an impressive February totaling $12,460 in digital sales.

In his first month after coming back from COVID, Aaron continued his success totaling $23,820 in digital sales! His June was highlighted by his 17 Optima accounts and 5 Text sales! August, Aaron landed his personal best total sales month of $25,335 in sales, $470 print new (yes that is correct), $1,795 Text, $17,000 OPTIMA and $6,070 GSV. Promoted to Mentor Manager, Aaron’s ascension continued. September Aaron sold $18,138 in sales, $3,395 TEXT, $10,348 OPTIMA and $4,865 GSV. As newly promoted Mentor Manager, Aaron also helped secure alongside of developing teammates through Central over $10,000 in sales on his first three training days.

Aaron’s work ethic is admirable in every way. Prior to AMP he had a lot of success in the hospitality industry working as a GM for Ocean Prime. His move from Boston, MA to Indianapolis, IN was made as a way to provide a better life for his family as he was to help lead the Ocean Prime operation in Indianapolis.

“The ambitious drive in Aaron found his appetite craving more growth and to allow his own success open doors versus awaiting them to be opened for him. A leap of faith and for both our AMP and Aaron, fate!” This was written within his Mentor Manager promotion and we expressed ambitious drive, craving appetite for growth and opening doors of success versus awaiting for them to be opened for him. Today it’s fitting to resurface this as that Expansion Always In All Ways runs through the veins and pumps through the heart of this larger than life talent. Aaron, you chose to never settle, never become complacent and you had the clearest of visions of what you wanted for yourself, your family and our AMP. Full heart, all in and here we are! Missouri welcomes you, Missouri is lucky to have you as we as AMP feel the luckiest of all!

Congratulations, Aaron, on this well-deserved promotion!

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