PromotionsJan 27, 2021

AMP 2020 Impact Award Finalist

Congratulations to Chelsea Jolly on being a 2020 AMP Impact Award Finalist!

Every year the challenge of the IMPACT award is selecting just three people to recognize for outsized contributions.   The three women nominated this year are incredible examples of career, personal, and company transformation. During 2020 each of them raised their hands to take on new challenges: transforming procedures and process for new products, taking on new roles, and pushing the company in new directions.  Their flexibility to embrace change, the eagerness to learn new things, and willingness to stretch themselves and the company as well as the people around them set Amanda Klein, Chelsea Jolly, and Kristin Bayle apart during 2020.

Choosing one winner among these three stellar examples was difficult.

Last Year’s Manager of the Year, Chelsea Jolly, continued to lead in 2020 in a positive, collaborative and impactful way.  Along with her colleagues Melissa and Cameron she led the fulfillment team through extreme change with the introduction of a transformative task engine and massive growth in our OPTIMA™ product.  In addition, Chelsea raised her hand to manage the rollout of the Plus Social product offering and worked tirelessly to learn all of the ins and outs of the maximizing the product deliverable for our customers.  In nominating Chelsea for this award, one person said succinctly “There would be no plus social product in 2020 without Chelsea Jolly.” Chelsea puts customers first and always works with energy, passion, and positivity.

Congratulations Chelsea!


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