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AMP 2020 Warm Onboarding & OPTIMA Help Team Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Iris De Silva on winning the 2020 AMP Warm Onboarding & OPTIMA Help Team Employee of the Year!

The Warm Onboarding & OPTIMA Help Teams selected Iris as their Departments Employee of the Year!  Year after year at AMP, Iris continues to go above and beyond for both our customers and our Sales Reps.

One team member had this to say about Iris:

  1. Iris has exemplified the qualities required for nomination by patiently assisting multiple departments as they work with OPTIMA fulfillment, navigating text questions with those of us who have less experience in those programs than she does, and generally just keeping us all positive and focused with her calm and helpful demeanor. She has, on multiple occasions, assisted me in finding critical information in Sugar and is always the first to offer her help when needed. She is highly deserving of this recognition

Iris is extremely knowledgeable in all things OPTIMA™ and Closby. She worked really hard to become an expert in her role over the years and takes pride in both her work and assisting with team coaching. In doing so, Iris became the go-to, unofficial, team lead for the onboarders.  This is a team that works seamlessly together, all navigating the Optimasales email, updating the warm transfer doc and taking phone calls, often at the same time.  When we do get crazy days where calls are back to back to back, you can often catch Iris delegating in our mattermost group chat, or simply taking the next one out of rotation to help her onboarders catch up. Not only do her teammates come to her for tips, tricks, and questions – but also other departments!

  • Iris works closely with hold file to ensure we are appropriately placing customers on hold and removing them from hold as soon as we can, so that our OPTIMA customers get the full value of the program.
  • She works closely with sales support to ensure we are receiving the right forms, phone calls, and other documentation to successfully set up the OPR.
  • & last but certainly not least she works with the Verification Team, DIS Team, and the newly formed OPTIMA help team to help with purchasing domains, domain transfers, and domain content transfers

Another teammate said:

  1. Iris is so wonderful and easy to work with and is ALWAYS so helpful and nice.  Any time I have a question or need a warm transfer call done she is on it!!  Never a hesitation to help anytime anyone asks.  She always goes above and beyond to do whatever she can to help customers and employees alike

What else did Iris rock this year?

  • Iris was instrumental in testing the newly created procedures for entering OPR’s into Sugar.
    • Iris also helped to create a lapsed customer procedure to take away some of the confusion for the verification team. This took the place of an actual system change we were looking into for Sugar. Super helpful!
    • She is quick and accurate, the fastest onboarding specialist to create OP Records. Because of this, Iris is currently the main onboarding specialist creating OPR’s for the DIS teams! ALL of Schaumburg and Coralville!
  • Iris volunteered to man the new sales – text report daily so that we could make sure all of the text codes are activated as soon as the payment is complete.
  • She has volunteered to be the designated onboarder until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for golden hour sales.
  • Throughout a crazy 2020, Iris maintained her friendly voice and tone with all customers and sales reps in the midst of a pandemic.
    • When she was overwhelmed or frustrated, she articulated what she needed very well and looked to her management team for assistance – separate from the frustrated rep phone call

As a part of the clipperd team, Iris is used to giving out these grand recognitions, but she doesn’t usually receive them apart from the compliments in passing. For many reasons, including but not limited to her work ethic, friendliness, professionalism, loyalty to AMP and her excellent teamwork skills – We believe it’s Iris’s turn for the grand recognition. We believe Iris should be AMP’s 2020 office employee of the year!

Congratulations on winning Warm Onboarding & OPTIMA Help Team Employee of the Year!

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