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AMP 2020 Impact Award Winner

Congratulations to Kristin Bayle on winning the 2020 AMP Impact Award!

Here at AMP we are blessed with a group of employees who make a positive impact everyday on our customers, our sales teams, candidates, coworkers, and the communities we live in.  Every year the challenge of the IMPACT award is selecting just three people to recognize for outsized contributions.   The three women nominated this year are incredible examples of career, personal, and company transformation. During 2020 each of them raised their hands to take on new challenges: transforming procedures and process for new products, taking on new roles, and pushing the company in new directions.  Their flexibility to embrace change, the eagerness to learn new things, and willingness to stretch themselves and the company as well as the people around them set Amanda Klein, Chelsea Jolly, and Kristin Bayle apart during 2020.

Choosing one winner among these three stellar examples was difficult.

Kristin Bayle our final nominee for the 2020 impact award is someone whose good ideas, thoughtful advice, and work ethic imprint nearly every department across the operations team.  She is a go-to person for every system development, operations procedure and product roll out.  She also possesses a consistently helpful collaborative approach.

Her nomination for this award read: “With her well-rounded institutional knowledge across many different areas of the business, Kristin quickly stepped in and began filling gaps and solving problems, allowing the business to adapt to the temporary “new normal” during the mandatory shutdown.   She worked closely with vendors to adjust delivery and servicing schedules in response to the corporate office being shut down, ensuring minimization of expenses during slower than normal sales periods.  In addition, Kristin adjusted her schedule to assist our data entry team with contract entry and sales recordings verification when our sales teams were asked to adjust to an Inside Sales environment.   While she managed all of these extra responsibilities, Kristin was still performing all her IT Management responsibilities, including the management of one of AMP’s largest development project to date … the OPTIMA Fulfillment engine re-design.   Kristin functioned as a project manager for all of AMP’s IT releases, ensuring that all development requests are vetted and understood by the developers and meet deadlines.  She also helped design and implement an Image Repository solution, setting the stage for future growth of our digital products.

During 2020, Kristin’s IMPACT is a common denominator among the company’s significant successes.   Her tenacity, work ethic and strength of character rose to meet the challenge when AMP needed her most.

We are so proud to announce Kristin Bayle as the WINNER of the 2020 IMPACT award. Congratulations!

The three of them work very closely together, they all work early mornings, late nights and weekends. They all have amazing accomplishments to report for the past year.  However, when we started to review the number of people, departments, systems, processes and procedures touched and in many cases transformed by this year’s winner, the choice became clear.

Congratulations Kristin!



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