PromotionsJan 27, 2021

AMP 2020 Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Sue Ann Brown on winning 2020 AMP Employee of the Year!

Sue Ann Brown is the Admin, Accounting, Customer Experience, and HR Employee of the Year!

In what was a truly unprecedented year for AMP, Sue Ann distinguished herself by stepping up to fill in for multiple important AMP functions.  During the lockdown, she covered the processing of Commissions and the handling of all correspondence related to Commissions.  She also covered some additional Payables and Payroll duties.  All of which were on top of her normal assigned responsibilities.  She would routinely work long hours, both at night and on the weekends to make sure deadlines were met for these essential functions with zero or minimal impact to the sales team.  She consistently put in the extra effort to investigate and dive deep on any Commissions issues while working to resolve them.

Once the lockdown was lifted, she worked diligently to get us caught up in places where we had fallen behind or help other members of the Accounting team.  Early this fall, she again had to fill in covering Commissions when we had a departure on our team.  She didn’t miss a beat picking it all back up again and didn’t say a word about having to return to particularly long hours.

Sue Ann is one of the most dedicated and reliable AMP employees and she proved that once again this year.  Please join me in congratulating Sue Ann on a great year and being the Admin, Accounting, Customer Experience, and HR Employee of the Year!

Congratulations Sue Ann on winning Employee of the Year!

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