PromotionsJan 28, 2021

AMP 2020 Manager of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Melissa Hall on being a 2020 AMP Manager of the Year Finalist!

Melissa Hall is someone who tends to fly under the radar most of the time but plays a major role behind the scenes to keep the fulfillment department running like a well-oiled machine. One of Melissa’s many talents is adapting to changes on the fly and developing processes that keep the work flowing through the Fulfillment team and ensuring everyone is on the same page. She always steps up when we need her the most which was often over the past year. One day we were running business as usual and the next dealing with a pandemic that really side tracked our sense of normality. Facing a lot of uncertainty, she remained calm and she kept everything and everyone on our team on task and provided the support they needed to work from home for the very first time in company history and remain productive.

GSV has been one of many areas of focus for Melissa over the past year. She has played a huge role in helping develop Kayli into a rock solid GSV Scheduling Expert. Melissa worked with her to take on more responsibilities coordinating the GSV scheduling tasks and become comfortable in her role. Kayli has developed a strong report with the sales team and the photographers and continues to do an outstanding job keeping the scheduling side of GSV running as smooth as it possibly can while maintaining efficient routes for our photographers. Her progress has been steady and focused due to Melissa’s guidance.

Melissa found herself in a literal sense of survival with the pandemic reducing the team to a skeleton crew and Katie out spending quality time with her second beautiful addition to her family, baby Hannah. She gets into a zone when under pressure and she is able to do an incredible amount of work at a high level. She feeds off of the challenge of keeping up with everything that is going on and this is typically when she is at her best. For a period of time, she was handling all ad changes, proofreading ads, proofreading books, designing ads, paginating books, making business cards, ordering listings and completing the analysis process, monitoring emails for ad copy, managing the relationship with our outsourcing partner, backing up Kayli with GSV scheduling and helping the photo editors publish GSV tours. It was amazing to watch her in action.

Melissa is excellent at her job. She provides the leadership that everyone around her needs to stay focused and produce at a high level. She is reliable and can be counted on to help with any task that is given to her from new product pilots to solving critical issues. She steps up when needed and supports everyone around her to the best of her ability. Her team members respect her and know that she is there for them. She does what ever it takes to keep the team on track, focused and attaining our goals. She is passionate about doing her best, helping everyone on her team do their best and ultimately in helping AMP be the best at fulfilling our products and delivering exceptional value and quality to our customers. All of her hard work is very much appreciated!

Congratulations on being a finalist for Manager of the Year!



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