PromotionsJan 29, 2021

AMP 2020 Manager of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Michael Swope on being a 2020 AMP Manager of the Year Finalist!

In early 2020, AMP experienced several technology challenges as we prepared to transition our sales reps from working in the field to working in an inside sales capacity … AND …  assisting over 100 office based employees to working from their home offices vs the corporate office.

Less than two weeks after feeling like he could take a deep breath, AMP fell victim to a cyberattack, compromising our ability to conduct everyday business.  Although the business was impacted for two full business days, the business was ONLY impacted for two business days.

While these certainly were BIG challenges, Michael leveraged these situations as learning opportunities … continually refining how we could best leverage technology solutions to keep the business not only running, but moving forward.    Not everything he tried was successful the first time around, but he persevered until a good solution was in place.   He NEVER lost his cool (which would have been easy given what he was up against), and he NEVER gave up.   As a result of these events, AMP is positioned from an IT infrastructure standpoint to adapt and scale like never before.

Michael introduced several new initiatives over the course of the year, including …

  • Working closely with Alex Ferrell on implementing a new IT inventory tracking solution to better assist with maintaining our large swath of technology equipment.
  • Engaging a Managed Services firm to assist with a variety of infrastructure related matters, including security monitoring.
  • Researching, testing and will be implementing a new HelpDesk solution in 2021 which will allow for better tracking of tickets and allow for a more seamless integration with our IT Development branch

Michael exudes a forward leaning professionalism and “can do” attitude toward his wide range of AMP IT Help Desk responsibilities.   He is always happy to research new ideas or thoughts to drive deeper efficiencies through technology.   His passion for AMP and his role is clearly evident to anyone who interacts with him.

In addition to demonstrating a high level of technical aptitude, he also takes his responsibility to his two staff members incredibly seriously … presenting them each with quarterly goals and then working closely with Hannah and Alex to ensure successful outcomes.

Congratulations, Michael on your nomination for AMP’s 2020 Manager of the Year award!



written by:
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