PromotionsJan 29, 2021

AMP 2020 OPTIMA™ Fulfillment – Administrative Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Ashley Dorion on winning the 2020 AMP OPTIMA™ Fulfillment – Administrative Employee of the Year!

Ashley is a go-to person on the behind the scenes part of the Optima process. She has a can-do attitude and is always willing to take on any projects, run reports, investigate an issue, etc.

Need help with something? She’ll figure out how to make it work. She has a way of challenging herself and getting down to why something is happening the way it is and suggesting changes to processes, if needed.

Ashley was one of the first ones to learn how to utilize Sugar and really dug in to ensure we were building something truly designed for our team, that was going to help optimize our process as a whole.

A team member had this to say about Ashley: “I feel that Ashley is an essential member of our team. She is a hard worker and is so kind. She answers any and all questions I send her way. Ashley is an amazing coworker and always has an amazing attitude about everything. When working in the office I always enjoyed our talks and appreciate all her insight! Thank you Ashley for being you!”

Congratulations Ashley on winning OPTIMA™ Fulfillment – Administrative Employee of the Year!

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