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AMP 2020 Manager of the Year

Congratulations to Jen Bock on winning 2020 AMP Manager of the Year!

Over the course of 2020, Jen has successfully led not one, not two, but actually three separate departments … Accounting, Customer Experience and Admin Teams. March of 2020 also proved challenging for Jen when she was asked to not only lead the AR team, but actually BE the AR team.   She wore many hats … opening mail, posting payments, setting up payment plans, responding to inquiries from reps on customer accounts, going to the bank, bringing mail for postal delivery, routinely dropping off deliveries to those not able to work in the office, and the list goes on and on.    All I can say is “wow”.

Many of you may not know this, but Jen’s career path with AMP started with her initially interviewing for what I think was 4 different roles at AMP before finally finding a “home” in the AR Department calling customers with past due balances.   She worked hard, drove strong results and continually asked for more responsibility.  Over time, she became the resident “go to” for almost everything AR related and a natural fit for the Assistant AR Manager role.

Again, she dug in, demonstrated strong results and asked to play a more strategic role on the Accounting leadership team as the AR Manager, playing an instrumental role in the integration of our ERP system with Sugar CRM in early 2018 and now sits on our SRMC committee continually driving innovative technology solutions for the teams she represents.

In 2019, the opportunity to lead the Customer Experience team and yes, you guessed it, Jen raised her hand and asked for more.    She worked closely with the team to strive for one-call closes, track overall customer interaction outcomes and deliver exceptional service to our customer base.

In 2020, as the office began resuming “normal” business operations, the opportunity to align the Admin Team with Accounting and Customer Experience was introduced … and Jen again asked if she could take the lead.   Our Admin Team has worked diligently to verify contracts processed by 4pm on the same business day … even through all of the record-setting sales days!

All 3 teams, although small in the quantity of people, are a mighty force to be reckoned with … always setting new goals and outperforming previous records … and all have one thing in common … Jen Bock as their leader.

Jen is someone who is not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone … always pushing herself and her teams to deliver improving results through goal setting and proving that there is no substitute for just plain hard work.    Her staff enjoys the fun atmosphere she brings to the workplace … whether it is decorating the office for the seasons/holidays or organizing a variety of different fun activities for her teams to enjoy.   While Jen makes the work fun, make no mistake about it, Jen sends the very clear message that she has high expectations from her team.   She is here to WIN … and winning means setting fair, but fiscally responsible credit policies, being empathetic to customers, but also holding them accountable for their balances owed and working closely to assist our hard-charging sales partners with resolving HOLD file issues.

While Jen’s role is certainly not an easy one, and oftentimes filled with difficult conversations around credit or solving for difficult customer experience situations, she approaches her day and her work with a positive attitude and focused on what is possible, just not yet achieved.

Congratulations, Jen on winning AMP’s 2020 Manager of the Year award!




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