PromotionsFeb 09, 2021

AMP 2020 GSV Fulfillment Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Ed Wrenn on winning the 2020 AMP GSV Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

The 2020 GSV Fulfillment Employee of the Year is Ed Wrenn. Ed has been with AMP since June of 2015 and is one of our hardest working most dependable photographers. He goes above and beyond to provide consistent, high-quality virtual tours and imagery for our customers.

Ed completed 561 photo shoots with a total 75,923 images in 2020. He regularly travels hours from home to provide our services to customers in northern WI and MN. While this year presented many challenges for all of us do to the pandemic, Ed fully embraced covering photo shoots in areas well outside of his territory including his recent trip to the East Coast to photograph a series of CLA (Coin Laundry Association) customers who are part of a huge national chain account that we have all worked very hard to secure as a major client of AMP. In total Ed drove over 57,908 miles which is nearly 4 times higher than what an average person drives in a year.

Ed’s ability to get the job done while staying safe and healthy during uncertain times was extremely helpful for our customers, the GSV Scheduling Team, and AMP. We are all very proud of Ed and his many accomplishments.

Congratulations Ed on winning GSV Fulfillment Employee of the Year!


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