PromotionsFeb 11, 2021

Dallas Fonner Promoted to Digital Assistant District Manager – Central Region

Congratulations to Dallas Fonner on his promotion to Digital Assistant District Manager — Central Region!

The ‘Cowboy’ as we call him joined our AMP family on June 29th, 2020. In the final week of our five week sales month of June, Dallas made his name known. Keep in mind it was a three day selling week given our July 3rd holiday. Dallas sold $3,075 in sales with 4 accounts and his first premium OPTIMA sale prior to OPTIMA training in this three day period. Dallas found out he could and so he did and he never stopped. Securing another 10 OPTIMA sales prior to his official OPTIMA training in mid- July. Dallas’s first full month of sales he totaled $26,080 in sales, 21 accounts, $21,600 of OPTIMA (16 separate, $1,350 premium OPTIMA sales) and $4,480 GSV. This level of excellence earned Dallas a historic mark as the #2 first full month digital producer in the history of our AMP. Fast forward forty eight hours, the weekend as we call it, and enter the August sales month. Dallas’s second full month of tenure. He kept lassoing premium OPTIMA after premium OPTIMA securing another 16 accounts with $21,300 OPTIMA. August concluded with $22,650 in sales. Dallas quickly emerged in our AMP ranking as the #2 ranked rookie in AMP, #2 ranked in all Digital, and ranked #5 companywide. His two month sensational performance tallied up to $44,250 OPTIMA, which put him as the #13 ranked top OPTIMA producer of 2020, and just after two months was the #23 ranked in highest year to date, OPTIMA + TEXT producer. Dallas’s confidence continued to grow, his success stories flowed and September proved to be one of Dallas’s best overall months with all products and TEXT being his next product evolution. $22,740 in total sales, $8,875 in TEXT, $13,800 in OPTIMA (yes all premium) and held a 79% POS standard on his sales month! Amidst his assault in September, Dallas was promoted to our Mentor Manager Team as his passion for helping his Central Region teammates carried deep throughout our states. His front line leadership was felt and his personal performance only enhanced. October, Dallas spent 6 days in his new Mentor Manager role, taking to the road across the states, staying in hotels to align with other Central emerging leaders. Dallas’s discipline and having less personal selling time helped Dallas become a very efficient and detail oriented planner. He always had a plan of attack for each of his selling days to maximize his own sales. October in personal sales ended with $15,540 in sales, $3,490 TEXT and $12,050 OPTIMA (yes again, all premium OPTIMA’s). To conclude Dallas’s remarks on his performance we will end on this note. November, Dallas was knocked down with COVID and bounced back with 3 selling days in the month of November selling $4,050 in OPTIMA in those three days. With our President Achievement Award on his mind, Dallas had to sell near $29,000 in December to turn this into a reality. 6pm on New Year’s Eve Dallas secured a $2,500 sale (premium OPTIMA and $1,250 TEXT) to end his December month as his personal best with $29,730 in sales, $8,830 in TEXT and $20,900 in OPTIMA. He did it! He earned his President’s Achievement Award by $700. This level of focus, grit, and determination was awe inspiring to witness!

Dallas’ stats are nothing short of incredible as seen above but what is most incredible is the character that is Dallas. He is one of the most humble, genuine and respectful people that anyone can meet! Dallas at the young age of 22 (soon to be 23 on February 26th) shows us all what really is possible. Age is irrelevant. Talent combined with hard work and a student’s mindset is a combination for always sharpening one’s skills. The hours ‘off the field’ is where Dallas ‘gets ahead’ in work and in life. He studies, he does his research and he’s constantly finding ways to compete with himself. He carries himself with the utmost class and professionalism, walks the talk and listens intently to all coaching opportunities. He is funny, confident, kind and just that guy that everyone wants to be around. He betters everyone around him, he lifts them, and it is fitting he has earned his 3rd promotion inside of 7 months.

Everyone in our AMP that know Dallas and all in our Central Region do know Dallas would say the same things about him as mentioned above. He connects with everyone in support and a conversation with Dallas is always left with spirits lifted, brick walls wanting to be ran through and smiles across all faces. He is that guy and we are lucky to have him as our guy! He’s like Doogie Howser, M.D. but in our world the young prodigy Dr. Of Digital Sales.

Dallas graduated from Hanover College in Hanover, IN in May of 2020 with a Bachelor Of Arts in Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology degree. At Hanover, Dallas was a four year Lacrosse starter, and captain. He was part of the Greek Life experience with his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. Dallas during his junior year summer worked with Vector Marketing Corporation, where he earned great money by selling knives. During that summer at Vector, Dallas was #1 in sales in the entire Southwest region for June and July. Since graduation in May and now three promotions later, Dallas will be purchasing his first home with a goal by July of this year. Dallas is supported by his three incredible sisters, two older and one younger. His girlfriend of four years, Kaitlin and his amazing puppy, named Cardi ‘B’eagle. We said he is funny!

Dallas’s passion for helping his teammates succeed, his ability to adapt to change, his no complaining just execute attitude, and his unflinching hunger to do more and help more Central mates, makes Dallas a huge standout for this Assistant District Manager promotion. Dallas we are lucky to have you part of our AMP, we learn from you as much you from us. Your clients absolutely love you and personally I have never seen customers so genuinely excited to see you. Every write up thus far we have expressed there’s more greatness to come and here we are again with the more but once again we will leave all with; STAY TUNED as this rodeo from the M.D. Of Sales has only begun! Congratulations, Dallas you deserve it all!

Congratulations, Dallas, on this well-deserved promotion!

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