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Boutique Advertising Solutions

Get your boutique online with OPTIMA™.

Boutiques are small, exclusive, and sell specialty products. Your boutique is a representation of your vision for your brand. This is something unique that chain stores can’t accomplish in the same way. However, you still need to bridge the gap of online visibility between you and your competitors. Consumers love to shop local, but they can only support businesses as far as they can find them online. OPTIMA™ Online Visibility and Reputation Management is the perfect solution for your to get your boutique thriving online. OPTIMA™ quickly and accurately claims and verifies your online listing, actively maintains your positive reputation, and captures leads that go directly to you.

As a boutique, you have an additional edge above chain stores. Most chains use paid advertisements on search engines without realizing that this is detrimental to their brand. Unpaid, organic listings (not ads) are 20 times more likely to be clicked on than paid ads. Why? Consumers have trained themselves to ignore paid advertising content in favor of trusting local listings that are not denoted with an “ad” designation. All listings provided through our OPTIMA™ program are organic, professionally verified, and enhanced — a combination that will drive your business higher on search engine results, directly leading to more sales won for you.

Boutiques are uniquely suited to flourish with CloseBy® Text Marketing.

Boutiques can use CloseBy® Text Marketing for a variety of purposes. Text can drive business on slow days by inviting customers in for special deals. Texts can be sent to selected VIP members to offer exclusive discounts and shopping opportunities. Additionally, we offer a birthday club where you can send a birthday message or coupon to your customer on their birthday in a highly personalized way. CloseBy® Text Marketing offers all of these features and more for an affordable price and year-round customer service from a dedicated account specialist who will not only maintain your Text Marketing operation, but also work with you to come up with ideas for messages and promotions to send out to your most loyal customers. Your messages go only to people who want to receive them, making this the most valuable list you’ll ever have access to. The possibilities for boutiques with CloseBy® Text Marketing are endless.

Watch the video below to hear from Morgan Green at Sassy & Brassy Boutique of Gallatin, TN on how CloseBy® Text Marketing has improved her business.

Take your boutique’s online imagery to the next level with a Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour.

Boutiques are known for catering to different styles. While fashion trends may change, the general vibe of your boutique is usually consistent and this is what you’re going to want to be advertising online. The best tool to have for this is a Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour. Our Virtual Tours are a one-time cost investment and is perfect for bringing your online image to the next level. Google Street View Trusted Tours are a way for your customer to feel at home in your store before walking through your doors – building trust and familiarity at first sight.

View below for a GSV Tour of The Homestretch in Greenville, KY.

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