PromotionsApr 06, 2021

Raegan Fingerman Promoted to CloseBy® Text Marketing Inside Sales Manager

Congratulations to Raegan Fingerman on her promotion to CloseBy® Text Marketing Inside Sales Manager!

I’m excited to announce to you a strategic alignment of the CloseBy® Text Marketing team with the AMP Digital Inside Sales team.  Text is one of the most compelling, fun, and effective products we sell — a direct, real-time driver of business for our customers that has no parallel in our business or in the small business marketing industry as a whole.  Over the course of the past two years, the regulatory environment for using text as a fully approved marketing tool has changed substantially, and so has CloseBy® Text Marketing itself.  In adding Amanda Daniels and Morgan Isham –  two tenured, highly skilled AMP Text Account Managers with deep expertise in business messaging who have years of experience helping small business owners build subscriber lists and sales via text – to the Digital Inside Sales team, our objective is to bring CloseBy® Text more clearly into the foundational core of our digital advertising services.

As a part of this new alignment, Raegan Fingerman, who joined AMP in September of 2017, is being promoted to become the CloseBy® Text Marketing Inside Sales Manager.  Raegan joined AMP after she graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Parkside.  She started as an OPTIMA™ Account Manager Support Specialist – a newly created role with her #1 priority being to support existing OPTIMA™ customers and to upsell them into larger programs.  Prior to Raegan joining the Schaumburg team, the team would high five when five upsells were sold in a month.  Raegan took the leap of faith and made upsells “her one thing”.  Raegan stepped out of her newly cemented comfort zone about a year later becoming an OPTIMA™ Account Executive.  She worked on managing many of our most tenured customers and averaged over 10+ NDR accounts per month while also averaging an 85%-90% renewal rate.  Fast forward to the present day and to consider the ramifications of her work, double-digit upsells is the monthly norm for all members of the DIS team.  Somebody had to show it was possible!  Raegan was part of the lead domino that helped other dominos falls into place in Digital Inside Sales, as now the team rarely goes even a day without over 10+ NDR accounts.  Raegan was one of the people who helped get to that place today!  Reagan subsequently became an Account Manager and continued to expand her comfort zone, consistently leading the team in cold-calls made on OPTIMA™ prospects and sometimes setting records in the process for the number of “no thanks… click” responses she earned.  As an outgrowth of that hard work Raegan became an Account Manager and earned the Senior Account Manager role in December 2019.

Raegan was promoted to DIS Assistant Sales Manager in 2020, was influentially involved as a “Sales Pilot” for the +Social program trial phases, was among the first members of the OPTIMA™ team in Schaumburg to learn how to sell 10DLC CloseBy® Text when that program launched several months ago.  She’s currently one of the top Inside Sales Pilots for AMP Video.  All through these roles, Raegan has had a huge positive impact on her teammates, who often point back to Raegan’s time in the classroom with her or her side by side calling on the phone or training time on systems as one of the foundations of their own growth and success. That’s quite a journey of personal growth for an individual who said in her interview she didn’t think she could ever do cold-calling.

Raegan’s mission as the CloseBy® Text Marketing Manager is to help build up and scale out our text sales – from ensuring that all field and phone sales reps understand the full text value story, feel confident presenting it and sell more of it, to ensuring that we provide incredibly good service to new and longstanding customers alike to drive the highest possible renewal rates.  It’s also Raegan’s role to work closely with Amanda Daniels and Morgan Isham, two of the very best people at AMP, to cross train them on OPTIMA™ and the company’s other digital offerings, so that messaging becomes an integral part of the value proposition at AMP and remains a growing, vibrant part of our DNA here.  I personally am very excited to be working more closely with Amanda and Morgan and feel honored to be bringing them fully into the AMP Digital Inside Sales family.

Congratulations, Raegan, on this well-deserved promotion!

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