PromotionsApr 07, 2021

Angelica Muriella Promoted to Schaumburg CloseBy® Text Marketing Trainer

Congratulations to Angelica Muriella on her promotion to Schaumburg CloseBy® Text Marketing Trainer!

Since joining AMP, Ang has played a key piece in the building of Digital Inside Sales and now will transition to what is one of Ang’s greatest passions, CloseBy® Text Training.

Ang joined AMP two years ago on our Schaumburg Digital Inside Sales team.  Ang came to AMP with multiple years in the industry of bartending at Moretti’s.  She was someone that took on lead roles within her time spent there.  Ang balanced all aspects of her position, while going above and beyond for her customers. This type of experience translates into her work as an OPTIMA™ Account Manager today.

Ang quickly demonstrated her ability to influence new prospects as an Associate Account Manager.  She was promoted to Account Manager and evolved by renewing at high rate and upselling before moving into her role as a Senior Account Manager. As she has grown in the past year, Ang is now ranked #2 in Digital Inside Sales.  Ang has recently become a part of the SEC in the Dekalb office, and was also voted Employee of the Month in March!  She is one of the top text sellers in 2021 at AMP, continuing to show what’s possible.

Angelica’s new role as a Text Trainer will involve training OPTIMA™ Account Managers on selling and promoting our CloseBy® Text Marketing program. While training, she will continue to build on her OPTIMA™ client base while leading the team in CloseBy® Text Marketing sales.

In Ang’s free time she enjoys spending time with her large Sicilian family.  Her mother is someone she looks up to highly, and spends lots of time shopping and hanging out with her.  Ang is a wizard in the kitchen and knows how to cook a fantastic meal!

We are so proud of your growth here at AMP Ang and excited for you to take on this new chapter!

Congratulations, Angelica, on this well-deserved promotion!

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