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CloseBy® Text Puts Boutique on Track for Big Year

Emerson’s on Main, a boutique in Osage, IA, used CloseBy® Text Marketing to send this message to its loyal customers: “SPRING is in! Hurry in and enjoy 20% OFF 1 item of your choice! Exclusions may apply. Show text! Valid thru 4/11.”

The result? 40 customers rushed through the doors to claim the promotion. With an average ticket price of $40, this single text message generated around $1,600 for Emerson’s on Main. If the boutique sends just one text message per month, they have the potential to produce $19,200 from the CloseBy® Text Marketing program in one year! When factoring in the annual cost of the standard package, $1,250 for CloseBy® Premium Text, it is easy to see how valuable CloseBy® Text can be.

CloseBy® Text Marketing is the simple solution to slow seasons, overstocked inventory, customer irregularity, and much more. As a permission-based program, your customer lists consist of only those who want to receive your messages. Every text places important information in front of your most valuable customers’ eyes. Studies show that the average person checks their phone 150 times a day and most text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. Having the power to instantly connect with your customers and alert them to your promotions, updates, and rewards can be a game changer for any small business. While serving as an engine for generating business on demand, the CloseBy® Text Marketing program is also incredibly easy to use. Send messages immediately, schedule them in advance, or rely on your dedicated account manager to handle it all for you.

Ken Emerson, owner of Emerson’s on Main, has been a CloseBy® Text Marketing customer since 2016. Over the years, he has spread the word to his customers and accumulated a subscriber list of 747 loyal customers! Here’s what he had to say about the program:

“We love the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program! We receive a response every time we send a message! For example, over half of our customers who purchased from us last week presented their text! We love sending out messages when we are slower as well!  This has done wonders for our business. It has absolutely increased sales, brought new customers in, and has increased awareness! The text program always helps us keep top of mind! I love how instant text marketing is. As soon as I send a message I know that they are reading it!  The program is extremely easy to use! I have a weekly appointment with our text specialist where she helps me come up with fun and creative ideas! We are told all the time that our customers love the text program! We plan on using this program for years and years!”

CloseBy® Text is the long-lasting solution to your advertising needs. It’s worked for Ken Emerson for over five years and will continue to produce great results for years to come.



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