PromotionsMay 20, 2021

Emily Miles Promoted to Account Manager Technology Liaison

Congratulations to Emily Miles on her promotion to Account Manager Technology Liaison!

Emily began her journey with AMP in November of 2020, where she came to us from a Marketing and Social Media role for a small business.  When she first received the call to discuss an opportunity for a “sales position” she was hesitant as she had never been in sales before.  During the interview process she became more and more excited about stepping outside of her comfort zone, learning new skills and challenging herself to become more at something new.  We are sure glad she bet on herself and AMP.

Emily has been such a great addition to the Coralville Team.  She started her career as an Associate Account Manager just 6.5 months ago, selling two new customers in her first week right after her initial training.  In Emily’s second month after becoming an Account Manager, she demonstrated an 80%+ renewal rate.  Emily is detail oriented, creative, and highly organized which successfully correlates with her continuous growth in numbers and her goals.  She does a great job of challenging herself with higher and higher NDR goals each month. This has moved her into several leadership roles including Observation Days as well as a Senior Tier Trainer of her peers.  In the month of April, Emily secured her largest month of revenue, finishing with $26,083 in total sales and $7,579 in New Digital Revenue.  Emily’s ability to navigate our CRM System, with her attention to detail and organization (and might we add an exceptional team photo shopper), she was a natural fit for the Technology Liaison position.

Emily credits AMP with teaching her that she is in control of her own success and thankful for the opportunity at how fast she can grow within her role and within the company.  Emily had this to say about her promotion, “ It makes me proud how fast I’ve grown.  It’s a great place to work and I have a great team to work with.  The most exciting part is that I now have the ability to put the knowledge I’ve learned to use by helping others grow.”

Outside of work, Emily is the proud Aunt to a niece and a brand new nephew while also taking on the role of fur baby mom to her dog, Ollie.  She loves spending time with her family and her boyfriend Derek (who is a true believer in Emily’s sales ability).  Emily enjoys watches Harry Potter, Friends, and the Office.  She even has a Deathly Hallows tattoo!  Emily likes cross stitching and walks along the River.  She’s looking forward to a new apartment her and Derek will be moving to in July!

Congratulations, Emily, on this well-deserved promotion!

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