PromotionsMay 20, 2021

Stephanie Brady Promoted to Onsite Classroom Trainer – Schaumburg

Congratulations to Stephanie Brady on her promotion to Onsite Classroom Trainer in Schaumburg!

Stephanie joined our AMP family on March 3rd 2020 as an Associate Account Manager. Prior to AMP, Stephanie was an Operations Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings for eight years, where she was responsible for the hiring and training of all new employees. At Buffalo Wild Wings, Stephanie was able to demonstrate personal ingenuity by helping to develop best practices for training. These methods, which included increasing morale and confidence with employees, lowering turnover, reducing employee errors and overall lowering food costs, increased overall profitability for the restaurant. After many years of late nights and working over holiday weekends, Stephanie wanted the ability to spend more time with her family and was looking for a career change! When our amazing recruitment team reached out to Stephanie she was ready to take a leap of faith and join our ever-growing Digital Inside Sales Team.

Stephanie started her career as an Associate Account Manager where she quickly demonstrated her ability to influence new prospects and was then promoted to Account Manager. Stephanie was promoted to Account Manager two days before Illinois went into mandatory lockdown, and Stephanie and our entire DIS team were sent to work from home. I will forever remember quickly training Stephanie on everything account manager related. Typically, this training is an entire week long, but due to our time restrictions this training was completed in two days. I knew then that Stephanie would be a driving force in Digital Inside Sales due to her positive attitude and her willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed and learn. While working from home and learning everything through Zoom and numerous phone calls, Stephanie started renewing at a very high rate and lead DIS in first year revenue renewal percentage at 75% in 2020!

Stephanie had a mission to become a Senior Account Manager very quickly.  She continued to increase her activity, better her presentations, and improve her ability to ask for the sale many times during a sales call. Due to her hard work, she was promoted to Senior Account Manager in October of 2020. Digital Inside Sales has a monthly best club designed to beat personal records from month to month. Stephanie is very committed to beating her personal records, and she has beaten her monthly best in revenue, NDR (new digital revenue) and average renewal percentage 10 out of the last 12 months- talk about evolution! One of Stephanie’s biggest accomplishments was finishing 2020 as AMP’s Digital Inside Sales Rookie of the Year! Stephanie finished the year averaging $29,519 per month and totaling $291,648 in total sales! In 2021, Stephanie is currently beating her 2020 numbers and is averaging $44,502 in monthly sales. Stephanie is always committed to continuing to grow, develop, and learn, and her numbers display this dedication!

Stephanie is very well respected by her peers and is the perfect candidate for the newly created role. Here is what Megan Goettsche Schaumburg Assistant District Manager had to say about Stephanie Brady, “Stephanie Brady is one of the most passionate, hardworking individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I am extremely grateful to be able to work alongside her in our Schaumburg office. Stephanie always gives 110% in her work and it shows. Her positive energy radiates and she is always encouraging others in and out of the office. Stephanie’s passion for our products and AMP as a whole is why she is going to be amazing in her new role as our Onsite Classroom Trainer”.  Jenna Meyer our Schaumburg Classroom Trainer expressed that “Steph’s energy and motivation is just absolutely contagious! New AMP peers, who will start in the classroom with her will be truly inspired by her love for AMP and our products that we sell. Steph is the perfect person to foster new talent into the business, because she strongly believes in what she does in her work every single day. When you are around Steph, you truly cannot be anything but happy and inclined to be better”. Stephanie mentioned earlier this week that AMP was the best career move she made and she is forever grateful for her AMP family!

In Stephanie’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her large extended family and fiancé Joey! When she was 12, she expressed to anyone and everyone that she would get married in a pretty gazebo overlooking Heritage Bay in Florida. Stephanie and her fiancé Joey are ready to tie the knot this November in this pretty gazebo! Stephanie loves to travel and has visited Aruba, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands. She has a dream to visit Spain someday!

In Stephanie’s new role, she will conduct, implement and gradually improve the company’s training and early career development of new sales representatives alongside Schaumburg ADMs, DM, and VP.

Congratulations, Stephanie, on this well-deserved promotion!

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