PromotionsJun 10, 2021

Charlie Crookshank Promoted to Senior Director of Finance

Congratulations to Charlie Crookshank on his promotion to Senior Director of Finance!

In the newly created role of Senior Director of Finance, Charlie will remain heavily involved in all of the existing areas of Accounting … Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Annual Audit, etc … AND he will now also be managing all Payroll related functions, including Commissions, Bonuses, 401(k) administration, and much more.  Charlie’s dual certifications, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant), will serve him well in this highly expansive set of responsibilities.

Charlie’s incredible attention to detail, work ethic, and ability to produce highly accurate results while managing competing priorities is a testament to his readiness for this new opportunity.  Anyone who has worked with Charlie on a project or on day to day responsibilities, appreciates his superior analytical skills, swift and accurate responses to financial related inquiries and his ability to identify efficiency drivers in his areas of expertise.  Charlie is a consummate professional and well-respected AMP leader.

Charlie embarked on his AMP career in April 2015 as our Corporate Controller.   During his tenure, Receivables management was integrated with our ERP system, Payables management was semi-transitioned to electronic funding of vendor invoices, Sales Commissions processing was enhanced post eContract to allow for expedited reporting following the close of a sales week,  and mostly recently, Phase 1 of our sales compensation framework re-architecture.   All of these strategic projects have been influential in AMP’s continued growth and evolution.

Abe Andrzejewski, Chief Executive Officer, said this about his experience working with Charlie over the last several years:

“Charlie is one of the most diligent and buttoned up people at AMP, combining a patient and knowing sense of quiet humor about topics like payroll or financial reporting (often pretty stressful topics to other people!) with an incredible focus on getting details right.  For me and for literally hundreds of other people in the business who rely on his work, Charlie is reliably unflappable when it comes to tracking a problem or a question back to its roots, or using data to solve questions or see opportunities.

Outside of work, Charlie is an avid sports enthusiast, frequently spouting stats on how the Cubs, Bears or his Fighting Illini are performing this season.   As Charlie looks forward to this summer, he is excited about his upcoming hiking trip in Colorado which will entail scaling one of the highest mountains in the Rockies.

Congratulations, Charlie, on this well-deserved promotion!

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